Selling multiple gear items / marking multiple items as trash

It would be good if they added in a trash system like Borderlands 2 so u could mark multiple items with L3 or R3 and sell all unwanted gear items in one go as manually selling each item takes too long for my liking.

I’m glad I searched for this before I made a topic about this exact issue. I really didn’t like having to go through each and every piece of gear I received after a couple of story missions. I would like a system that enabled you to mark a bunch of gear for selling. The system now takes too long especially if i sort by rarity, making it less cluttered.

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Yes. More sorting and sell options wold be nice.

What would be really nice is when you are looking at a new piece of gear for the first time, there is an inventory box with all the same type of gear right next to it, so you can see if this new piece is something that you want to keep or sell. And it would also be great if you could mark as trash an existing piece of gear that the new piece of gear would replace.

For example, I might have a white piece of gear with 18% shield penetration, -15% reload, and 0 activation.
I get a new piece of gear which is 17% shield penetration, -120 Max Shield, and 0 activation.

Right now I have to try to remember what my white 0 activation shield penetration gear is. Does it have a reduction to reload speed, CC duration, max shields, shield delay, ect.

And if I can’t remember, then I have to just elect to keep the item, then once I’m done, go look at my inventory to see what it was that I did have…which takes time.

It would be much easier if I could scroll through those item types, and see what I have, and if I want to keep it, and if it replaces an existing piece, I can mark the existing piece as trash to sell, then elect to keep the new piece of gear.

Then after going through the whole process, there would be a button to sell all of the trash.

Anyway, would love to see something like the above implemented.