Semi-official Battleborn community website

Has anyone found any unofficial Battleborn websites yet? After playing the Closed Technial Test, I’m very interested in seeing a dedicated Battleborn website come to fruition. For players of other competitive games, I’m thinking of something along the lines of what MMO-Champion does for World of WarCraft, or possibly more along the lines of Planet Destiny. A site that not only covers Battleborn news and updates, but also writes opinion pieces, guides, video content, pod casts, etc. Has anyone seen anything like this out there? If not, I am considering starting one myself, but I will need plenty of help if I do. Let’s use this topic to see what’s already out there and/or what we can get going.

One thing is certain; Battleborn deserves a dedicated community site of it’s own. It will benefit the game, develop the community and hopefully indirectly lead to Battleborn being on the gaming scene for years to come.

Is by far the best unofficial Battleborn site, but he will follow the NDA so no CTT stuff there.


@Derch just beat me to it.

Yeah i got a website that has been very Borderlands & Battleborn centric.
I know there are also a few wiki’s out there, but they aren’t up to date (yet)


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That’s a neat Battleborn/Borderlands site, but what I’m thinking is a site dedicated solely to discussion of Battleborn content, meta, updates, etc.

Depends on who cares for them to exist. There’s quite a bunch of info that one could pull from official sources. Especially about the single characters.
Some are quite advanced and list a lot of info and sources, like the Orendi page. Others only quote the short character bio and describe a few skills (some completely wrong). Like the page for Phoebe.
Maybe I’ll do the copy-pasta work when I have a spare hour. I’d just rip the formatting from Orendi’s page.

You keep going. We need the theory-crafting masterminds. Also, you make good catches on hidden content.

I knew you would pop up :wink:
Wiki’s are great, and there are a lot of good ones out there.
If you check the Borderlands one, there is a lot of content. I can’t compete with that. With Battleborn it’s only a matter of time before things start snowballing.

I originally entered the thread, because I wanted to give him your website.
Guess you succeeded in establishing yourself :slight_smile:

The question of your website’s future is, whether you want to make it a newsticker that reports objectively, or a website that centers “you” (your theories).
Both have their place, but the second can only succeed long-term if you offer the best stuff (theories, builds, strategies). Dunno how much effort it takes to keep a build-website running; with accounts n stuff. Official game forums tend to become the hell-pit of flame and complaints, so people start to look for independent websites that offer strategy guides.

@MentalMars is the best there is.

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What I have in mind are things like character guides that explain how to play each hero, where they excel, which skills to choose, etc. Things like that. A website really focused on Battleborn’s content.