Sending Data To Host. Please wait

Me and my friend all of a sudden cannot connect to each other. We were playing fine together yesterday, but all of a sudden I get stuck in a menu that says, " Loading Character, Sending Data To Host. Please Wait… "

I have fairly good internet as well. 50mb down and 25up. It’s not bad, and I just recently got this error.
Any way to fix this?

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started happening to me today as well, i was playing fine with my brother yesterday now i can’t join his game because it gets stuck at “sending data to host” and either crashes my game or stays like that indefinitely.


Okay, so I’m not the only one experiencing this issue.

Also another note, this only happens with a specific character of mine. ( My Nisha can not join any friends games. ) Is this a corrupt game file? I can play solo just fine without any errors. I’ve joined friends on my Gladiator and had zero issues.

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Yep same problem can’t join but friends can join me. Now it happened to my friend so he can’t join me and I can’t join him. I’m playing on the xbox one with a digital download and he has the disc.

Same problem here. Gearbox need to update the situation and stop ignoring it

Also not sure if it affects lower characters because me and my friend are both lvl 54. And we can play with our lower levels together.

Same thing is happening tome on my Nisha. Also happening to my friend on his Nisha.

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