Sensor map unit overlay icons

In sensor map, I use the full unit icon overlay to see what types of ships are involved from a distance.

Seems that I was able to view that fully from further out in the originals. If I zoom out just a little bit more now, everything just goes to the green and red blobs.

It would be super helpful, if I could identify my units in sensor map from further away.

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Try cycling through the hud modes (Tab) it looks like some of them show move info. Not sure if all of them fade away like that.

Yeah, that’s what I mean. When you are cycled through the hud to the maximum amount of information and you start zooming out, the information eventually disappears, as it should. However, I feel as though it should do so at a further zoom distance than it currently does.

My brain just seemed used to it at a higher zoom level? I suppose it could just be me.

I do remember managing multiple battles from sensor mode in the past.

Nowadays, I have to zoom in too close for comfort. I lose sight of the bigger picture. We ned a bigger picture.

I think this is the same issue; and I strongly suspect this isn’t how it’s intended to work. it seems to only be a RM issue. It makes playing rather difficult when I have to carefully position the camera to be able to see what’s going on.

It’s like when you lose the overlay representing the destroyers too soon when zooming out.

It would be better if you lost the overlay just a little bit later. If you could know what units those were in sensor mode from just a bit further out, if I’m making any sense.

Funny thing is that in HW2 was even worst, but the sensors manager camera didn’t zoom out as much, only mods changed it.

Also in remastered there is the weird issue that the TOI when set on maximum becomes a heavy resource hog when not in the sensors manager, this didn’t happen or at least wasn’t noticeable in the HW2.