Sensors manager asteroid sizes

Hello. I am finding it difficult to use the sensors manager, as the tactical overlay icons are either non-existent or disappear at certain distances. The resource asteroids are particularly hard to find, and the little orange blobs were much larger and easier to see in vanilla HW2. There is a similar topic linked below, and I’m curious if anyone knows which .lua files I need to edit to increase the size of the resource asteroid blobs, and make the tactical overlay icons display at all distances.

The sensors manager should give the player information in a simple, easy to read manner. The new sensors manager does not do that.



similar topic: Sensor map unit overlay icons

Wait for the patch. There’s a slider for size, many smaller dots are much more pronounced, etc.



Thank you for the reply. That is great to hear. I appreciate the quick response and I look forward to the patch.

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the more you post, the more I wonder what hasn’t been touched with this patch ! oO


When is this patch supposed to make landfall?