Sentinel dropped NOTHING

I’ve been seeing some weird glitches in Battleborn lately (entire team except me gets transported to the void in Void’s edge, Thralls not spawning in Incursion) and this one definitely tops the list… it was a 2 man advanced Sentinel run and after landing the killing blow we were eagerly waiting for the loot shower, except there was none… Nothing… no coins, no bonus score, no loot packs, nothing at all…:astonished: we were looking at each other for sometime like, "Wait, did he drop anything at all "… in the end we laughed it off and finished the run with the satisfaction that the 2 mini bosses dropped a legendary each…

Here is a post in the PC support forums about this exact thing happening. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

I’ve only really seen this happen with bosses in the Sentinel, and we know that Old Sentinel has some problems with his scripting causing bugs where he gets confused and locked in his unkillable state (I’ve had the same thing happen to both of the Guardians, caused doing stuff to them while they’re in mid-air, but they just stand there doing nothing while getting obliterated so it’s not really a “problem”; after a few seconds, they resolve, which makes me think there’s something in their script about taking damage).

[quote=“Dante867, post:1, topic:1539881”]
entire team except me gets transported to the void in Void’s edge
[/quote] Chances are that you had a Deande on your team and the game chose a clone over you haha. I ran the voids edge with four Deandes and not a single one of us were teleported but 4 or 5 of our clones were

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yeah I was on Deande… That makes sense…