Sentinel loot pool question

Does the regular sentinel drop anything at all? and is zarps loot pool only for the raid version?

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I’ve rarely farmed the Sentinel, but when I did, it dropped a ZX-1 on the first go.

the regular or the raid boss version?

It was the regular version, since I got it when I was playing through the story after the patch.

According to the wiki:

The Lady Fist is in the loot pool for The Empyrean Sentinel in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Is this true?

It’s the Wiki, the same site that made tons of errors before, so I really doubt it.

I’ve gotten the ZX-1 and Eridian Vanquisher class mods from normal Sentinel. Black Hole and Longnail seem exclusive to the Invincible version.

Just checked the edit history:

Note where Lady Fist appears in BL:TPS. Just had a Luneshined one drop when playing with a friend.)

yup. False alarm.

I have farmed the non-raid boss many, many times (he’s my preferred source for moonstones), but do not recall it dropping any legendaries.

I’ve gotten the Tech Ninja head for Athena from the Raid version after the last update, I’ll have to see if the normal version drops any of the zarp heads soon enough!

I can confirm that the Invincible Sentinel drops the Lunar Knight head for Willhelm. He dropped it for me yesterday while I was farming him. Not too sure if the non-raid boss version of the Sentinel also drops it.