Sentries seem to be the core problem

I’ve played a lot of Incursion, like most of us, and while surrendering has become a problem I realized a few days ago why surrendering is such a problem: It’s because of Sentries.

Sentries seem to be the core problem. First of all, they need to be tougher. Their weapons need to do more damage, and their shields need to be buffed. If “Incursion” hinges entirely on the Sentry going down, then wouldn’t it make sense to have the Sentry difficult to destroy?

This is a double-edged sword, and I understand why Gearbox made them “easy” to destroy. If the Sentry is too difficult to destroy, then it takes away the fast-paced aspect of Incursion (not like Incursion is fast-paced anyway), but if you make it too easy then the game mode will be too short.

The second thing the Sentries need to be is SMARTER. At the moment, the Sentries are just, well, there. They really don’t do anything and they play a surprisingly passive role in a game mode that is all about them. If “Incursion” is to be fixed, the AI needs to be smarter. They need to fight back harder, and they need to be smart enough to evade danger rather than relying entirely on us, the players.

Again, you don’t want them to be too active, but if they fought back and helped the team more, it would be great.

Incursion is flawed, and I think Gearbox maybe know this. Incursion needs to be fast-paced, but it also needs to be a bit more strategic (this is, after all, a MOBA).

Sadly, I don’t have all the answers on how to fix Incursion, but one idea I strongly believe in is making it just one Sentry per team. By focusing the game entirely on destroying one Sentry, you can play around with what I’ve mentioned above. You can make them tougher and smarter, and have their damage buffed.

Maybe the Sentry could act a lot like Geoff (from “The Algorithm”) where it can use traps and minions to fight back. Plus, I never understood why we had to have two Sentries to begin with, when the game is clearly over the moment the first one is down.

I know what I’m purposing is difficult - making them tougher and smarter and focusing on only one Sentry - but I believe the Sentries are the core problem in Incursion and with surrendering. Think about it, you wouldn’t need to surrender if you only had one Sentry AND they fought back a little harder.

Gearbox wants you to fight back, but honestly, the chances of you pushing back hard enough after your first Sentry is down and winning the match is probably 10%. Their intentions are clearly there and their heart is in the right place, but they’ve been looking at this the wrong way.

@Jythri - What do you think about making Incursion focus on only one Sentry and buffing them?


Some of this sounds interesting and some of it I strongly disagree with (one objective would be even worse than the stall fest we have now, and your assertion that the first sentry is what decides the game is just plain wrong unless the teams aren’t even; if anything decides an even game, it’s who manages to win the teamfight at 1:30 left), but one thing you didn’t mention is that sentries need to be consistent ABOVE ALL ELSE.

The sentries are horrendously inconsistent in their targeting and movement. Sometimes they run away from players shooting at them, sometimes they purposefully walk into the middle of the lane to get a better angle to shoot you at, sometimes they completely ignore the player diving you all they way to your base, sometimes they are still firing tower blasts at you despite you not having attacked it or having been in line of sight in the past two minutes. Sentries need to be completely and totally consistent in all aspects of their being. There needs to be a stupid simple formula defining their movement and targeting. It needs to be something you can play around, but are forced to respect.


people already use the sentry to protect them, rather than the other way around, which is how it is supposed to be. The turtling is already really an issue. I personally wish the sentry was way harder to kill, but had absolutely no offensive abilities. People need to stop relying on the sentry and learn to get a pick and push

Completely agree the issue is consistency. Sometimes you’ll have a beast sentry who shreds the enemy with ease, other times you get one licking the walls around it and getting destroyed by silly stuff. My personal favourite is when it walks alllll the way towards the lane so the enemy wave can get beams out about 10-15m earlier than usual. Overall, the inconsistency does add some diversity to the game but it’s annoying.


Yes, the sentries need to be smarter and more consistent. Maybe upgradeable like in voids edge too, but with some slightly different mechanics.

Also, the sentries need to have increased damage reduction against players while shields are up. Making it necessary to escort minions to help take down the shield.

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My personal favorite is when the sentry decides to walk in your way and you get stuck btw its legs and a wall…

Stupid giant spider…


Perhaps make the first sentry not count towards victory and somewhat easy to destroy but it respawns after 5 minutes.

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Only if there were more than one lane.

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There is a problem with consistent ai… We will know how to deal with it.

We will find a way to cheese it, we always do.

We need adaptable AI, like the alien from alien isolation

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I think we do… We have not figure it out…

Thats good no?

Miko runing for cover -Flash back- behind the sentry btw turrets being chased by boldur -who is being ignored by everything and everyone- kills miko and starts to attack and succesfully destroy the sentry

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I like the ideia of 1 sentry only. Unfortunately, such change would require a revamp on all maps.

If two is needed, then please do not allow the attacking team to build buildable all across your lane. That is where the snowball lies and that is why surrender is so frequently when its clear your first sentries is going down.

At the same that is also why we can’t turtle the hell out of the match, so I don’t know.

I personally enjoy meltdown waaaaaay more, but still kind of like Incursion <3

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Monuments is an awesome map, actually really strategical, I’m biased so I always feel the sentry knows what it’s doing there

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It wouldn’t require a revamp if they made the first sentry not count towards victory and somewhat easy to kill and if it respawned some time after death. That would hopefully prevent the snowball we usually get. After 5 minutes or so the losing team will get their defenses back up.


I agree on beefing up the sentry, recently so many characters just jump into the base and can dance around, destroy sentries, damage people and the sentry doesnt even bat an eye. You can easily do this with Mellka, Attikus, Shane & Aurox, Ambra, Benedict, Pendles, Deande and pretty much anyone else specially if a Miko has a beam on you. It’s annoying how fast matches are ending these days.


Overgrow is the only map where the leading team has a big shard income over the loosing side.

Echelon and monument have 2 shards in both sides?


Yeah old incursion: games last 30m and come down to the last 30 seconds usually.

New incursion: Holy crap we actually made it to level 5 before the game was over.

Having the game time be a third of what is previously was was exactly what people wanted. Not adding more strategy into the game so it wasn’t just a 30m stalemate where every play was easily countered except for engaging on a team with lightning turret.

Instead we got let’s make the A.I. OP and let them crush the enemy for us.


When both teams are skilled, minions should not get that far…

Everyone should know how important is to feast of minions exp and wait to kill 1 enemy (the healer) to make a push.

I usually pub with droolzilla, if our team was… Not that good we end lvl10 while everyone else is lvl6-7, win or lose minions should never be the reason or else your team do not know the básics.


Oh sorry, that was not what I meant.

When your first sentry goes down the enemy team more often than not just rush in to spend their shards to build turrets and accelerators

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Unless they are 2 lvls above, don’t lose hope.

Your team has a faster/short respawn. Your team needs to focuse in do a slow push back, if the enemy split and some camp the healing station try to focuse all your team power in they small team.

Don’t get scared if your sentry gets some dmg, focuse in killing 1 or 2 and push them back, if you have enough time leave 1 person behind rebuilding or else keep your momentum and push hard