Sentry Cheese fix

Okay, so we’ve all seen it. Some of us have done it (yes, I’m looking at you…)
The Sentry cheese.

Sniping it with Marquis or Toby from across map, hiding behind the wall after hopping up the ledge with Kleese or Isic. We all know that’s not the way the game was meant to be played. So, how do we fix it?

First off, they NEED to fix the sentry under fire announcements. It’s completely random, yelling that it’s under fire while there’s absolutely no one near it, and you’ve got everyone pushed into the other base… or not yelling when it actually IS under fire and why is there not a huge announcement when the shield pops?

That should, hands down, be the first objective.

And to fix the cross-map snipe/back door cheese, I don’t see the fix as being map design, the problem is with how you damage the sentry… All we would have to do is change it so that the first shot on a fully shielded sentry HAS to come from a minion. Just the first shot. Not the whole shield, just the first tiny hit.

That change makes back-dooring still viable, it makes long distance sniping still viable, but it makes pushing the minions actually required in order to win.

Anyone else have a better idea?

I honestly have this same problem. The sniping cheese is an annoyance, but I generally agree that it shouldn’t be that easy to take the shield out. I’ve actually won a game, we were losing, killing both sentries without minions, in under 3 minutes. (Using tunnel, and the supply station overlook). I’ve also come across things like Isic jumping up to our side from the Outcast Thrall camp, and attacking from there, Oscar Mike stealthing behind us.

My problem is it starts to dismiss the purpose of the minions, and leads people to just running around all over the place. I don’t mind people being able to get behind our lines and harass us, steal our crystals, or destroy our resources. That’s character uniqueness and a new facet of the game, but don’t make it possible to kill our sentry without at least some effort to get a minion there. I honestly think instead of a shot they need to walk into the shield and detonate, and the more that get there, the bigger the window to attack it or something.

They are patching this issue

Which aspect? I haven’t seen a mention in patch notes about anything other than marquis sniping (which seems to be addressed with a map change) and not a mention of the under attack announcement at all, which leaves back-dooring still virtually impossible to detect

Last week was a hotfix, not a patch. It will be in the next upcoming patch, and I’m talking about the line of sight to the sentry not the attack announcement.

There will be roughly monthly patches this one is under certification and will be out sometime in the next few weeks.

My issue is I think the line of sight patch is just a band-aid for a bigger problem. I think there’s too many other ways which fundamentally ignore needing minions. I had a match last night where we’d completely shoved the other team into both of their sentries but their Isic cheesed our first sentry with a hop-up and attacked it from the arch where the sentry doesn’t return fire, and we didn’t even get a notification that it was under fire.

He and OM tried to do the same thing on our final sentry as we went for the win but I recalled and killed them both, so we won with around 20 health on our final sentry and they never even had a minion near our sentry after the first couple of minutes of the game.

There’s only so much you can patch when it comes to line of sight to resolve the issue.

That is the big issue right now for most people, Marquis can sit back and safely snipe the first sentry to death and there is little to nothing the other team can do to stop it.

Marquis is much easier to stop IMO, Kleese shield generators, pushing the ledge and knocking him off. I’ve only ever had someone try to snipe the sentry from their base once, and we just sent our Assassin behind their lines to harass him. Of course it needs addressed, but personally I think it’s just a quick fix for a symptom of the actual issue, which is that you don’t need minions to take down the objectives… in a Moba… about pushing minions…

I wish they keep it as a legit strat. It’s okay if the darn thing doesn’t happen 30 seconds in.

Something like

“Sentry shield gains 75% damage reduction to players. This value goes down by 5% every minute and another 25% on the 10th minute (down to 0).”

So you can snipe it in order to stop it from regenerating the shield, which should be a thing. However, you can’t just go ahead and hit it to death from level 1 and rely on minion. If you do make it to the 10th minute and still fail to do much, the turtling team will now given an additional tool to fight back.

In Most MOBA, they allow you to just charge the turret with a team after a certain point anyway or even summon creatures to tank it. Since this game has a time limit, I feel that 10 minutes is fair.