Sentry tower blast too op

2000+ damage in one shot. nerf this.


Sentry tower? The turrets at the team base?

the sentry tower blast. the big cannon.

This. Don’t engage with it. That’s the point of the game.

So far what is OP in this game…

Sentry Blast
Gear for characters

What have I missed? :sweat_smile:

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Toby is OP due to the “D’aww” factor.

It’s a near perpetual stun/slow. Quite broken.

The minions are Op they can attack without heads.

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Ambra isnt op.
Gali needs nerf on desecrate and ulti fix
Kelvins orb needs to take normal dmg while in that form
Isic is far from op, if you dont know to stun him thats your problem
Raths ulti needs lower movement speed, or less dmg.
Miko is fairly balanced as he can only heal, if you go dps with him your team loses
Marquise and quickscoping needs fixed
and the tower blast is my original post, it will hit you around corners and through walls along with 2k dmg, 1 shots almost all heroes.

I know man, I’m just kidding with you .

If you look at posts on this board there is a constant cry for nerfing x character or x character is broken

But Kelvin’s orb is his escape move…he’s honestly one of the more balanced characters. I’d argue Rath is pretty balanced too, just not if you don’t see him coming, which fits his role.

And the tower is supposed to one shot you with no minions, if a character could tank the sentry there would be no need for the minions, right? That’s a common MOBA trait.

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what moba tower/titan/ect one shots a hero at max lvl n gear? none.

The real OP stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:
Deande’s uppercut and ghalt’s burst damage after stunning you x).

All other MOBAs also tend to have more than one lane as well, so the sentry needs to be more powerful to prevent damage bursting through overextending. It forces you to play the objective, not just run in with say, Ghalt and deal a ton of damage without the other team even noticing.

Lux from league of legends. Another example is bastion from overwatch.

But please do go on about how it never happens.

No need for this. The spiders are there to control area and prevent enemy team to just easily capture it. You need to push your minions for them to engage the spider and then you can take it down more easily. If you try to do it solo - you will die. A lot. And it’s OK, because it just shows you that your approach to this situation is incorrect.