Sentry tracking speed increased?

So, I’ve noticed this a few times now, and wanted to check if anyone else had seen it too:

The Sentry in incursion is a lot quicker on the trigger with that big ass rail gun on his back.

On multiple occasions (probably half a dozen times or more), I’ve peeked around the corner by the enemies’ sentry, taken a few potshots at the turrets, players ,or sentry itself and ducked back to safety. And as soon as I start to peek for a second time, BAM giant blue freaking lazer beam right in the face for 750+ dmg.

And I wasn’t in view for a few seconds. It wasn’t after I saw the red tracking laser pointed at me. No. It was damn near instantaneous. Show my pretty little face a second time and get it shot off quicker than you can blink.

If this was a conscious decision (possibly to combat backdooring) that’s fine. But I hadn’t heard anything about it.

Anyone else seeing the sentry getting a little more gung ho with that cannon?

It was mentioned in the play with the devs stream that they were working on the sentry AI to improve its ability to cover retreating players. Maybe they’ve already started tweaking it? I did notice it being aggressive in a few matches last night but I didn’t take much notice of the particular circumstances

I’ve been dying to the sentry or because of the sentry quite a bit recently. I often like to run through the tunnel area as Mellka to get a quick flank (basically Spike right behind the enemy line to lay down some poison disrupting everything) and I basically just sprint and then jump over the enemy line with Spike getting back on “my” side and I’ll quite often be at like no health because the damn sentry. The one thing that sorta gets me is when the minions do make it to the sentry (the objective), why is the sentry hitting me instead of them? It takes quite a bit for minions to reduce the shield and the other team can quite easily kill the minions before the shield is even half gone so without players hitting the shield too, it’s not going down. The minions should at least be the distraction giving players the opportunity to shoot the sentry.

The minions are super aggresive, too. Like almost to the point where they will break from the lane at the sight of me.

Had a whole pack follow me to the double thralls and when I was heading back out the next bunch accompanied by an MX was already on their way to greet me.

I think Mellka is a bit unique because of her poison.

The sentry is supposed to prioritize enemies that attack other battleborn. Poisoning another player will likely keep you on the top of the Sentry’s hit list for the entire duration of the poison. Especially if you tag a few players with it.