Separate Lobby for Premades and Solo Queues


There will be SO MANY arguments against this. So I shall list what people would say if they disagree with this idea:

  1. I want to kick ass with friends!
  2. Why would you want to separate the player base?
  3. Ohhh… ok I suddenly can’t think of more arguments.

So we shall move on to why we need this lobby separation:

  1. Obviously both sides will be balanced better. GBX must balance the team based on number of wins/pvp playing hours/command rank (to a small extent).
  2. This will ultimately encourage solo players to play.
  3. It might encourage people who haven’t bought the game to buy the game because they can have a fairly balanced fight and at the same time learn from a kickass teamate that have been teamed with them.
  4. Premade teams will also now only be pitted against other premade teams instead. I know of people who complain that crushing randoms every game is really boring. Now, they can finally have a real fight and always improving as a team. Also, I actually found out that there are hardcore tournament teams in Battleborn 0.0. A premade lobby would be amazing for them.

There is many more benefits of a separate lobby for premades but I have stated the best reasons for it. I have always been a major advocate of merging every playlist in battleborn together to maximise the player base that we have. But what’s the use if many of us are in constant stress that we might fight a premade team?

What if the premade lobby only have 10 teams playing at a time?? I know you guys will end up fighting the same teams over and over again. But at least you are going to have epic fights! And if you are tired, you can always join the solo queue. Maybe GBX can introduce a tournament mode.

Solo queuing might sound like a drastic change to some, so maybe GBX can start with allowing 2-3 people to team up in the ‘solo’ queue.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think!

Stay awesome!

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