Separate PvE and PvP Nerfs

This was such a huge problem earlier in the life of World of Warcraft, where a class would be doing too much damage in PvP, would get nerfed because of it, and subsequently made to be no longer viable in PvE.

Blizzard fixed this later on, by making a subset code in Skills and Talents, which modified an abilities property based on whether the target was a Player or NPC, and I hope Gearbox can adopt this methodology with Battleborn.

Situations like, Galilea’s Alt-Fire Shield Block, a lot of people are complaining about it absorbing too much dmg, so to nerf it’s effectiveness vs players, without making it useless vs npcs, add a modifier in the code that the shield takes 2-3x more damage from players.

And likewise in the reverse, if a character is well balanced in PvP, but under-performing in PvE, increase their base damage, to increase PvE effectiveness, and add modifiers to “lower” their damage, back to what it was, against players.

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Great suggestion. The characters in this game are already annoyingly squishy and feel lacking in damage in pve as it is