Separate PvP into "Premades" and "Solo Que" please?

First off, I think the most critical issue for my suggestion would be the lack of player base in PC Battleborn. Separating already small player base into two? Why? Right?

Reason why I’m suggesting this is because whatever the game is doing, it’s not working out. It could be the marketing, game itself, OR because people are discouraged by playing against organized players day in and day out.

But what if these timid players have a choice? A choice where the competition is not so intense, not so devastating with loss, and most importantly enjoyable because you can actually compete! Competitive games for everyone, both for veterans and novice, skilled and unskilled. It would be even better if there’s an algorithm that factors in win/loss ratio.

Of course, better matchmaking may also solve that issue, but KNOWING that you won’t be matched up with non premades would be immensely more attractive for someone that wants to give PvP a try and enjoy it. It may even help increase player base, which Battleborn needs more than anything else in my opinion.

Not sure how others feel about this, but I sure as heck would like this. I mean, after a long day of work I want to play casually and playing only PvE doesn’t really cut it. How about it devs?


Please no, there’s no reason to separate the game into more modes, just to improve the game. You’ll get stomped by random teams too. You can’t have both a fast matchmaking and a skill level based one, so by your suggestions match waiting times would triple. It just doesn’t make sense, because not all premades are good. Many aren’t actually, if anything a ranked playlist should instead be implemented

I’d have to say no thanks to this too.

I play both solo and in a premade (mostly just two of us). I’ve been in matches solo where we’ve beaten teams comprised of premades. I’ve also been in teams of premades (2 plus a 3, also a 4 plus me solo) and lost to a random team of solo players.

With rematches, there’s also the situation that a team comprised of solo players who decide to actually talk to each other stay on and play several matches together. They are still solo players but they are also effectively a premade team. This does happen - I was part of a team like this tonight were we communicated throughout (we both won and lost games).

The real solution is better matchmaking and also players being less afraid to plug in their mics and talk to other players in their team. I now make an effort to do this when I can and as a consequence I’ve friended 4 people this week who I have only met through random Battleborn matches.


I have both been on premades that got stomped by random a and vice-versa. I think sometimes people in groups think they don’t have to actually work together because they are in a group. Don’t work like dat.

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Primarily I agree with the above posters, splitting the queue would only make match making worse, even worse than first glance would have you believe. Not only would it create two distinct groups, but pre-mades of two could only be matched with premades of 3. Premades of 4 are basically unallowable. With those strict limitations, matchmaking times would soar.

However steps can be taken to offset the benefit of a coordinated party.

The game could tack on an ELO penalty (or boost, rather) for large groups. Let’s say 5% per person after the first. So a premade group of 3 would be matched up with people 10% better than them (assuming the other group was 5 solos.) A group of 5 would carry a full 20% boost.

Alternatively, everyone in a group could be assumed to have the ELO of the highest member. This too would force stronger opposition to offset the benefit of being a in premade.

Now, this isn’t the only potential solution, just my 5 minute top-of-the-head ideas. And they might already be in place. I’ve no idea. Either or both of these could be happening right now, and we’d never know.


There will be SO MANY arguments against this. So I shall list what people would say if they disagree with this idea:

  1. I want to kick ass with friends!
  2. Why would you want to separate the player base?
  3. Ohhh… ok I suddenly can’t think of more arguments.

So we shall move on to why we need this lobby separation:

  1. Obviously both sides will be balanced better. GBX must balance the team based on number of wins/pvp playing hours/command rank (to a small extent).
  2. This will ultimately encourage solo players to play.
  3. It might encourage people who haven’t bought the game to buy the game because they can have a fairly balanced fight and at the same time learn from a kickass teamate that have been teamed with them.
  4. Premade teams will also now only be pitted against other premade teams instead. I know of people who complain that crushing randoms every game is really boring. Now, they can finally have a real fight and always improving as a team. Also, I actually found out that there are hardcore tournament teams in Battleborn 0.0. A premade lobby would be amazing for them.

There is many more benefits of a separate lobby for premades but I have stated the best reasons for it. I have always been a major advocate of merging every playlist in battleborn together to maximise the player base that we have. But what’s the use if many of us are in constant stress that we might fight a premade team?

What if the premade lobby only have 10 teams playing at a time?? I know you guys will end up fighting the same teams over and over again. But at least you are going to have epic fights! And if you are tired, you can always join the solo queue. Maybe GBX can introduce a tournament mode.

Solo queuing might sound like a drastic change to some, so maybe GBX can start with allowing 2-3 people to team up in the ‘solo’ queue.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think!

Stay awesome!

The playerbase simply isn’t large enough to support this right now.

Really, the biggest problem with matchmaking is newer players having no concept of how the game-modes work ie not killing minions on Meltdown/Incursion, not getting shards for buildings, diving too far for kills, not retreating when low on health, not getting level spawns on Capture, etc. There needs to be a better fundamental tutorial to teach players the basic mechanics for each of the maps. I played a game yesterday where a Rath ended a full 30 minute game of Meltdown at level 5. That is 100% indicative of not understanding how to play the game.

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Completely agree with you! This game really needs a tutorial! Especially now people just want instant fun.

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This would make queue times even longer. Pre-formed teams can consist of 2-5 players. Any teams after the first 10 can’t play the game? The games population on PC can’t support separate matchmaking.

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Holy cow haha! The title is almost exactly the same as mine! My bad. Next time I’ll do a name check to see if I am repeating.


I’d say scrap any and all hidden algorithms in the matchmaking and just throw anyone in with anyone.

With a player base this pathetic, beggars can’t be choosers.