Sept. 17 Shift Code cannot be redeemed

I’ve entered the code every way it can be entered about 25 times and it cannot be redeemed.

Is anyone able to redeem it this morning on PS4?

Working on it now. I got it to work on PC finally, but still no luck on the PS4.

Just went to command and it says I have 239.02 of triple xp so I’m happy. Didn’t care about the skins.


I have like… 2000 hours remaining… and I don’t care(since Icant exactly level anything further) , I want the skins :frowning:

Still doesn’t work for me either.

Also it has been noted it isn’t working for those who already have Mike’s gold skin, so if you have that, that may be why it isn’t working for alot of us.

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Hope you get them. I already had Oscar Mike and the Whiskey Foxtrot is almost identical to a skin I already had.