Seraph crystals and UVHM level

Well the time has finally come to ask the community for help. My wife and I have been playing borderlands two for years, and we are getting tired of not getting the seraph guns. The raid bosses are proving the to be the most frustrating experience and taking the fun out of this game. Now my question is, if player 2 is higher than player one on UVHM mode, does it raise he enemy levels up to that players level?

Yes. Game sets the level to the highest player. There is a temporary way around that: if the higher ranked player joins after the lower player has gone to a location, then the map/enemies will remain at that level until the group travels elsewhere. I don’t know how that would work with raid bosses though - you’d both have to be in the arena before spawning the boss, or whoever wasn’t would be locked out. (I guess Hyperius might be ok? Pete you have to summon though. Not sure about the others.)

Pyro Pete is the easiest boss to farm, but it takes a bit to learn the ins and outs of the fight. If you don’t have decent gear, it can also take forever to take him down. If you’d like help, I don’t mind dropping in to help (depending on the level). There’s quite a few active XB1 players on these forums too, so you could always post in the XB1 BHC On-line play section.

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Thank you for the input. Our current characters are just shy of level 56, so if you joined in would he stay around our level or yours?

Not sure. I do have a couple of lower level characters, but I haven’t moved those over to the XB1 yet. I’ll check on the weekend. You may want to post in the on-line play area meanwhile, and see if there are other players about the same level.

I’ll certainly do that. Thanks for the help!

I have several around that level. I’m on every night between 9pm and midnight EST. Just send a message on Xbox 1 if the times work and I would be happy to help.
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I’m not sure either, but if so then the only other ones that would be the same as him are GEE or the one in Hammerlocks DLC

Definitely appreciated. We are usually on between 10 and 2 midday, pst. Sometime early morning, around 4 or 5 am

Just tried dropping in with one of our imported level 66 characters from the 360… Hyperious jumped to level 68 so that routes a no-go

OK, good to know. I guess that happens because the fight doesn’t start until he’s aggro’d anyway?

That’s what I can tell. As soon as we started engaging enemies they leveled up to 68 after we dispatched a few, and like you said, as soon as he gets aggro’d, he turns to level 68. I’ve been searching for a sticky longbow singularity to kill master gee with the door at this point. It really should not be this hard to kill a boss with two people

Did a quick check. The closest characters I have a levels 54 and 60. The lower level might be pushing it a bit against raid bosses, so not sure I can help right now.

No worries. Any other pointers you can give to help kill them faster or easier? The last time we fought him and won I sacrificed my character to draw him away while me wife’s siren sniped from the gate via the gate glitch it just took a couple hours

Not that particular one, no. Try posting a question in the UVHM Tactics thread though - that’s what it’s there for! Pyro Pete (Torgue DLC) is easier if you just want seraph crystals, though. Which reminds me, I need to write up a summary for that.