Seraph Farming?

I really need to get some seraph crystals bad. I have a level 61 Axton who i’ll use to farm. I may throw in a legendary or two if your a good helper. My PSN is crona609 send me a friend request if your interested

I`m a level 61 commando and use the survival and guerilla skill trees and also need help with the same problem my id is razor6917

i have a lvl 72 krieg if you still need help

I have a Zer0 (with B0re although im not that experienced with b0ring Hyperious lol) a siren and a gunzerker, my PSN is TlatEnchi3

I am also in the need of help to with seraph farming and I little bit of power leveling… My gamer tag is GINGA_NINJA_2324 Yes I have a mic