Seraph Gear in NVHM

Wondering if it’s possible to obtain seraph guns (specifically tattler for my Maya) in NVHM. Trying to get an edge as I’m struggling a little.

It is currently only possible to get crystals from UVHM which you can take back to normal and buy the weapon you want.

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While UVHM Raid Bosses are the best and fastest way to farm seraph crystals, it is not the only way.

They can be Farmed in NVHM, TVHM, and UVHM from the eridium slots in Flamerock, but this is not a viable farm as a hit only pays out 3 crystals, so it would be best to find someone willing to farm crystals in UVHM for you.

with crystals seraph gear/guns can be bought in all three playthroughs

Should have worded this better. If I go into NVHM with my Krieg (who’s currently op2), is it possible to have seraph guardians drop seraph guns/grenade mods while I’m in NVHM?

It’s been a while since I played but as far as I remember it wouldn’t work. If you struggle with farming seraph crystals an easy way to farm them would be killing Hyperius using Zero Bore skill, it’s a simple technique that once you understand how to do it you will be able to defeat Hyperius consistently and farm a great amount of crystals. (If you are unfamiliar with it I can explain further).

I guess I can’t word it right, I can farm seraph crystals with no problem, but does the o-negative for example drop in NVHM?

Yes they can drop seraph guns in NVHM. The dragons will drop one for sure, not 100% sure on the other guardians, but if the dragons drop one I’m pretty sure the others will too. I’ll investigate further and let you know through psn or here

EDIT: I just remembered that you wanted the O-Neg grenade. I can’t say for sure if it will. I just killed hyperius about 30+ times and voracidous about the same and they only dropped one or two seraph weapons in that time with a couple legendaries between and none were the grenade mod. If you want one at op8 I can help. Good luck on your hunt.

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as stated above by lndshrk8909, the Ancient Dragons are a 100% Drop in Both NVHM and TVHM, they drop only one of these per run, a pistol (can’t remember name), the Omen, and the Blockade (shield), as for the others I’m not sure, I believe I got a Retcher from Hyperious in TVHM after about 120 kills.
if your thinking you can farm the gear there and get it at your level , then no that can’t happen, highest level seraph you can hope for out of NVHM and TVHM is level 50.
You can however farm the Seraph Vendors , the Dragons, and the other raids in those playthroughs and acquire gear for lower level toons that way

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