Seraphim v. Sawbar

I have both at level 72. Just curious to know which is the more powerful weapon, considering all the gear I have listed in my earlier post referencing a build vs terramorphous.

Torgue has the Ogre and the Kerblaster as a nice alternative to other AR’s. Yet, I prefer shotguns.

I’m going with the Seraphim. Heavy hitter on flesh without having to get the range just right to maximize it.

As much as I’d like to love the Kerblaster, I find its damage doesn’t cut it for anything past TVHM.

Even with 5/5 in Strip the Flesh and an explosive damage relic I find it takes way too long to kill an enemy with it in from UVHM on.
I just don’t know why I should be shooting an enemy for 10 seconds with it, even if it’s a damn cool gun, it gets outclassed by the more obvious options (DPUH, the admittedly awesome Ogre, Carnage, Swordsplosion, etc.) but even any good purple Torge assault rifle with decent fire rate and accuracy I find, but maybe that’s just me.

And I agree, shotguns are love, shotguns are life.

I rarely bother with explosive ARs.

I tap em with the Slagga and run in for the big boom with an explosive shotty.

That’s the staple/best thing to do overall, yes.

That being said, the Ogre can do some serious work at with Strip the Flesh maxed and Blood Bath procced, especially if you were lucky enough to get one with the faster bullets prefix (Slippery).