Sergeant Demobird trophy (3rd new character leaked)

Just noticed this has been added under new section on the PS4 trophy list called Battleborn - New Recruits!

I can understand Alani & Pendles getting lore trophies but it’s a bit crappy putting in a trophy for a character that hasn’t yet been revealed, means the game will be unable to reach 100% completion for several months.

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Must be a PS4 thing. I can’t, for the life of me, see how sticking a trophy placeholder with “demo” in the name is “crappy”.

We already know there will be more characters and new trophies/achievements to go with them.

EDIT: you edited your post with more information, but that 100% completion before all characters and DLCs are released is a false achievement.


Yes, I’m certain the DLC Operations will have dozens of new objectives that require completion, like “find Attikus’ missing socks.”

With any luck, a game like Battleborn will NEVER be able to have 100% completion. :wink:

Demobird is a sober Irish explosive expert that has never called for a medic or hit anyone with a bottle and is a 100% original idea.


And that would be a none issue provided the content was available. A trophy has gone live for a character that hasn’t even been announced yet so it is completely unobtainable.

Pendles comes out next week so that’s not a problem.

Most games only update trophy & achievement lists when the content is available or a day or two before, not before an official announcement is even made.

I could very well be wrong here, but with the word “demo” in the actual name, I think we can reasonably expect that trophy to be changed and probably even taken offline shortly. Recent history suggests GBX has no problem with going live with and then removing test setups.

I still don’t see how having a 100% completion statistic for an incomplete game is rewarding, but to each his/her own.

Well there goes the theory of that character being Benedict’s nestmate

Hope to see Ernest soon

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Actually, I read “demobird” to mean “demolitions,” not “demonstration.”

The character’s unofficial moniker has been “Grenade Chicken” for a while now. I expect Demobird may have been his development title when the character was being designed.

Personally, I don’t think we need another bird focused on explosions. Benedict’s rockets and Toby’s mines are enough. I’d like to see Ernest remade into a badger.


Yeah I was hoping for the nestmate too. Oh well. Im sure he’ll be fun.

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[quote=“CharacterIV, post:8, topic:1541523, full:true”]I’d like to see Ernest remade into a badger.

And they’ll probably be best friends with Miko.

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We still don’t have a cat or a capybara.

Maybe a cat riding a capybara cavalry-bara.


[quote=“crummysaint, post:11, topic:1541523, full:true”]cavalry-bara.



He needs to be a black cat named Amadeus that speaks in a fashion similar to that of Sir Patrick Stewart


Gearbox, hire this person.

This one too.

For realsies, I’d like to see a “rider” type character. My own preference would be an LLC digital-clockwork Automated Battle Corgi, but I’d also get down with an Eldrid Dino/Beast Rider in a big way, or a Rogue on a weaponized Space Harley. That’d be sweet.

Kleese fits into the vehicle mold, but I still think sort of a “knight-and-steed” character would be neato.


Does the 100% trophy completion really bother you that much?? I’ve never heard anyone get annoyed/frustrated with an inability to complete the psn trophies, at least not in a game that is less than 3 months old.

Heyhey! I just saw you made 2 topics about this, so I´ll move all posts from your dublicate thread onto this one to keep all things in one place :heart:

Has been revealed without an official an announcement.

The update has just gone live & with it added new trophies for the PS4. One each for Alani & Pendles for completing their lore but also a third for a character called Ernest for completing his lore called Sergeant Demobird.

I saw this too. I guess Gearbox is leaking there own things now?

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“Grenade Chicken” was pretty much accepted as a fait accompli to be the third DLC character for a while, but I was kinda hoping it was a hoax or something.

Main reason: we already have two explosively-inclined Avians. Benny has his rockets, Toby has his mines, and now we’ll have Ernie with his grenades?

GBX couldn’t have made him a badger or something? Grenade Badger sounds awesome to me.

I’ve never seen it, but I’ve heard references to a graphic showing the silhouettes of the five Battleborn to come: after Grenade Chicken, it was supposedly a boxy-looking robot (presumably Nova in the robot suit for the LLC) and an angelic looking figure (maybe Empress Lenore for the Jennerit?)

If anyone has the link to that image, I’d be pleased to see it.