Sergeant Demobird trophy (3rd new character leaked)

“I didn’t hire this guy… I thought you hired him?”

(both stare dumbfounded at screen)

UHF is a well known aphrodisiac. Seriously, any time my girlfriend and I watch it, I know I’m getting lucky. :wink:

(gotta love women who appreciate Weird Al’s genius.)

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Anyone else look at their achievements and noticed an an achievement called complete Ernest lore challenges

Anyone think The Empress might be the final Battleborn reaveled and the Jenerrit member?

Pretty sure that’s what everyone thinks :stuck_out_tongue: especially with that dialogue in the prologue where they talk about her death … seems like she might not be too dead :stuck_out_tongue:

He looks like dodoria from dragon ball z.

This is gonna get close to conspiracy-type thinking, but hear me out. I’m not convinced that Ernest is a male (despite his/her name).

First, and most obvious, it looks pretty clear from that picture that she’s a hen. Not a rooster. I know it hasn’t even been confirmed that she’s a chicken, so, grain of salt, but still.

Second, the name. Ernest is traditionally a male’s name, sure, but it’s possible they just wanted to have a ‘nest’ pun for the chicken character. (what follows is reaching. Like, really, really reaching: is it possible that Ernest is supposed to be similar to "Her"nest (the H is silent in Ernest). Okay, this looks pretty ridiculous as I type it, but I warned you, so I’m keeping it in there.) I’ll admit that Ernestine would have been a more logical choice if this character was/is a female. (Maybe that’s her name and this is all just misdirection).

Third. Going off of the presumed chicken grenadier motif, wouldn’t it make sense for “Sgt. Demobird” to be launching something akin to eggs? Not actual eggs of course. They’re grenades. But the idea of an “egg-launching chicken” seems pretty obvious. If that is the intent/case, then why would Ernest be a male, and not a female?

So, some hope for those wishing for a female. You may use “Keen on Ernestine” for any future rallies if you’d like.

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I’m sure he’s going to be a good bird…
A pretty bird…

Who’s a pretty bird?

Found from where O.o?


Ok, a quick Google Search tells me this is an attached image to the Xbox One achievement.


Ok they aren’t even trying to hide this… All I had to do was look up Battleborn on the Xbox website, and then inspect the achievements list. :open_mouth:

Pendles’ lore is on there too…No wonder so much Destiny stuff leaks through Xbox :open_mouth:

My headcannon since the trophy name leak has been that it’s Ernest short for Ernestine.

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[quote=“DevonS3, post:47, topic:1541523, full:true”]I’m not convinced that Ernest is a male (despite his/her name).

I really want the demobird to be a female character rather than a male one (I actually voiced your first and third reasons a few weeks back as to why I thought the character would be female), but, with the name revealed, my hopes are not high.

Since the lore backgrounds don’t use alternate color schemes, Ernest’s default feather color is most likely going to be pink or red, which, combined with that body type, suggests more of a songbird influence than a chicken influence, which also means that the red/pink color scheme is more appropriate for a male (female songbirds tend towards drab colors whereas male songbirds are bright and colorful). I would absolutely love to be surprised (especially if “Ernest” is just a joke or bluff that the devs had since I seriously think they plan on people finding these things out and release them intentionally), but I’m currently admitting that, in all likelihood, all of our feathered BB friends are going to be boys…

If the LLC character ends up being Nova in a robot suit and the Jennerit being the Empress like the internet thinks, then you will be getting a 3-2 female to male character ratio for DLC characters. There’s always season 2 where Benedict’s missing wife and kids could show up (defying the odds and all that) all battle hardened and ready for kicking some Varelsi butt :wink:

It could be an intentional leak as I even spotted a reference to his internal name (Bombirdier) when I was pulling down the latest update. But I reckon that’s way too intricate and its more someone forgot to take out references to him from the update, and now they are just rolling with it, like Badasses. :sunglasses:

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Yeah, song-bird is definitely possible. And if I was gonna bet on it I’d assume they weren’t using the trophy/achievement as a red herring, and it’s just a male named Ernest.

Still, the lore picture even has her/him with a giant white egg in a basket on her back. Most people would assume this implies a female bird (myself included). Unless it’s like the unborn child of Ernest and his dead wife Ernestine? Edit: should’ve zoomed in. That’s clearly just an egg-shaped bomb.

Either way, #KeenForErnestine

[quote=“DevonS3, post:53, topic:1541523, full:true”]Still, the lore picture even has her/him with a giant white egg in a basket on her back.

I’m pretty sure that’s not an egg; it’s an old WW2 style bomb/warhead (kinda egg shaped but with the fins on the back). The eggs-are-bomb joke/pun/reference/similarity was definitely something I thought of concerning the “mother hen” characterization, but I seriously doubt it’s anything nearly that literal (especially since the character carries a grenade launcher and manual grenades; the first is probably the primary, the second the secondary, and the bomb on the back is the ult).

Yeah, I noticed that after the fact. See my edit.

From the latest BattleBorn blog post:


Honor. Duty. Explosions!

Sporting a grenade launcher and a proficiency for tactful detonation, Ernest is defensive mastermind with a strong devotion to protecting his allies. As the Varelsi scourge darkened system after system, Ernest joined up with the Peacekeepers to put his demolition prowess in service of the universe. A brilliant technician, this demobird will take on any challenge by going right the hell through it!

[quote=“ArmoredElder, post:56, topic:1541523, full:true”]Sporting a grenade launcher and a proficiency for tactful detonation, Ernest is defensive mastermind with a strong devotion to protecting his allies.

Confirmed as a boy-bird. Not that I wasn’t expecting this, but I has a sad…

The Varelsi are going to have to glue themselves back together


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