Series X forced hard reboot

So after downloading all content for this game I ran into an issue many others have reported in regards to the DLC items being labeled as missing in game. I also lost my cosmetics for all characters for the final form DLC. When I try to join my wife who is on my old One X the game freezes mid play, I lose audio a few seconds later and then the console hard crashes. The xbox logo flashes three times before restarting. There is no message informing me why the crash occurred, where my One X would say it was to protect from overheating. I do not want to damage my console or the many other games I have qued for download.

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See if this helps with at least some of those issues:

I uninstalled the final forms dlc and still encountered the crash. Of note is the Xbox does not reboot automatically. And using the controller does not turn on the console. Using the console power button resulted in the console powering on for around 30 seconds before just turing off. The second attempt at restaring resulted in a successful reboot.

That’s at least in part going to be clearing up temp file cache etc. from the crash. Not sure what to suggest other than filing a support ticket

So this is just a symptom of a much larger Series X problem. After installing and attempting to play 28 titles I encountered system crashes with every single game. I moved the games to the expansion memory with the same results. After installing a Series S at my library I inserted the expansion card and was immediately able to play every game attempted without issues. I have seen many posts about system failures and have tried all manner of tips to repair the system at home. Not I am relegated to sending the Series X back for repair. I am sorry I was quick to jump on here thinking that the game was updated with issues. Please accept my apologies and continue to provide the community with a great franchise.

Really sorry to hear that there may be an issue with your new console. Hopefully those XBSX having system failures are not that common, and MS will get things fixed ASAP.