Series X glitch

Anyone get a bunch of small flashing black squares all over the screen when playing on the series x? Tried uninstalling/reinstalling, switching between graphics and performance modes and changing settings on TV. All other optimized games work fine just BL3 that’s giving issues.

I play on a Series X and I’ve never experienced those squares, sorry.
GL with figuring it out!

I don’t recall seeing this anywhere, I would try to Submit a Ticket.

I keep getting flashing colored strobes since I upgraded to the series X.

I haven’t had any issues but I also started fresh on series x (was on ps4 previously and couldn’t transfer saves). Also did a co-op playthrough with a buddy and he didn’t have any visual issues either, just intermittent crashes for both of us

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No black squares on Series X, but yes this :point_up_2:

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Did you find a fix for this as I’ve got it! @malthousesteven @derwitte @vCarpeDiemv @piratebones2 @OneAngryKitty

No, sorry, man.
Never seen anything like that while playing on my XSX.

My menues are tiny as all hell though and the splitscreen shrinks when in menu during local coop play since the last VC2 patch.

I’d think it’s a hardware issue but other games play fine

It does look like a hardware issue, I give you that!
But when other games play fine all that’s left is a ticket with support I guess.
It really sucks that these basics like correct display of the game are still there.
The coop menues kill any form of immersion for me and my wife.
Nigh unplayable due to that.

You’re not wrong, hard to believe a game that is 2 years old still has issues. I have raised a ticket with 2K but not heard back yet

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This stuff happens when devs still support the game mostly on content drops that might mess with our stuff but those devs are not given the resources to double check dependencies.
Bummer to say the least. Couldn’t play for weeks.

Thanks anyway

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I tried opening a ticket when the problem first happened. Unfortunately support was unable to help and was told to wait for an update. 4 months later I still have the same problem and the game has been unplayable. Unfortunate because it’s one of my favourite games and would have loved to play through the DLCs

Yea real ball ache! Glad I’m not the only one as I can’t find much about it online

I’ve seen posts about the same thing on PC, where it seems to be missing VFX/textures on rad particles (pellets or status effect indicators) when they’re interacting with something (shield, Zane’s barrier, etc.) What gun is that?

It’s just a high capacity warlord. I’m genuinely gutted about this and I can’t think of anything else to try to fix it other than returning the console but it’s fine on other games

I don’t think it’s necessarily your console. The game just seems to drive the graphics system hard, especially on 4K-capable platforms.

Best I got

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