Series x stutter after patch

When will you release the fix? it’s horrible to play like this on my xbox series X. Before the update it was great


Taking a break from bl3, cause of the xbox freezes, when will it be fixed?


Sadly i was thinking of same thing… i would appreciate any news posted here if someone knows more of this issue…

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It’s has no stuttering when the console has been disabled network connection. So it’s possible to play in single mode.


Τhnc x for the tip-i will check it out untill further fix

If offline mode solves the problem temporarily, that supports the theory that Shift/Crossplay is the culprit.

Refresh my memory; offline progress is saved on the console but you have to reload online eventually to save to the cloud, right? How frequent is recommended? Once, end of day?

Btw, today - no hottix - freezes continue… boo.

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Do you mean just unplugging the Lan cable/disconnects from WIFI would solve the issue for Single player? weird, ill give it a try.

Yep tried it. Plays smoothly for a few minutes and then I get kicked back to dashboard saying I have to be connected to play.

Going off the Shift theory, I went to the Shift site and de linked my console from Shift….same issue. Didn’t fix the problem.

If there’s truly a way to play offline on the series x, I haven’t found how to do it. In a few minutes it kicks you out of the game.

I played without problems for over an hour yesterday and completed one mission.
Also I set local mode in the game, disabled all network options (Shift synchronization etc. ), and I don’t have GamePass subscription. Maybe it matter.

Ya I been in contact with someone from 2k support. I sent video after video of the issue and they said team is working on a fix. Good news


Thats certainly good news! Lets have some patience then!
Thnx for the info!

Glad to here, I’ve just started playing this on Series X and it’s good to know this isn’t the norm

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Yup, disconnecting from the networks fixes the stutter. The washed out colors of the loading screens remain bit that’s no biggie

Just an FYI in case any of you find it useful. Working on the same issue on Series S and X and we got it mostly sorted.

The Series X was a fairly simple fix:
1- full shut down thru console
2 - pull power cord for 2 or more minutes
3 - turn machine on
4 - go to settings and clear Blu-ray “persistent storage”
5 - restart console.

Since the Series S doesn’t have a Blu-ray there is no simple way to clear the cache via the persistent storage. Had to reset the concole… Make sure to save game data and have your MS credentials handy.

Took care of 90%+ of the stuttering and freezes - about the same as it was pre patch. Of course, YMMV!

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I tried your method, it solve stuttering issue when there is no enemies around. When in combat the same stuttering comes back.

Can you disable all these things in the game itself? And the Xbox can be online with this too?

I wish the offline mode was an actual solution. The game is butter with no stutter in offline but the loot and anoints are all jobbed. I actually got a while airborn anoint and I thought they yanked that one from the game. Also, M11 still drops unanointed gear in offline. Not gonna work long term.

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Ok, what some people here said is true.

Set Borderlands 3 to local mode only. This didn’t change it yet. Went to Xbox network settings and choose go offline.

No stutters like these since. Hopefully it doesn’t quit the game and says I need to be online.

■■■■■■■ hell, and there it is

For this game, you need to be online.


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When there will be a fix? It was already more than a week since patch. ETA?


Yes! Constant lag and freezing on Xbox Series X even on performance mode.