Series x stutter after patch

This is still happening. Any update on a fix?

Unfortunately no.

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Tomorrow marks a month. 4 weeks since the 6/24 update that brought us the stutter.

Crossing fingers on a hotfix tomorrow.


This issue is super frustrating. Trying to play it through with the wife and this stutter makes it unplayable for me.
We will both submit a ticket, get those numbers up!


Yeah…you guys haven’t even gotten the standard cut and paste answers of “We’re looking into it” or “We’re aware of it”. Hopefully it doesn’t take as long as some of us have waited for our issues to be addressed because if so it’s going to be awhile. Might have better luck if you are a streamer that @GBX likes. Good luck.


last night while i was playing i was in eden-6 the game got totally frezee i had to quit. I was offline with the Xbox From bad to worse. now for me it is unplayable even offline. I would advise those who bought the game to always ask for a refund if the purchase was made on the Xbox store and draw precisely the problem. so maybe things start to move. Microsoft examines the refund request and I recommend that you also send attached videos or photos of the forum chat. I understand everything you want about the gearbox but to submit to unconditional silence I do not send the link for those who can request it if it was purchased from the Xbox store.


Hi guys, are there any news on the stuttering? I’m thinking about getting it during Microsoft sale now, but reading this isn’t very reassuring :\

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No nothing not a word from GBX. I wouldn’t waste your money at this time. I’m thinking they just don’t care anymore sadly.


Thanks, this is extremely disappointing, was really looking forward to it :frowning:


On series S as well. I think it started after cross-play update. Hope they’re working on a fix. Waiting for the update so that I can play again. The frequent stutter ruins the fun of playing.

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Ya I have been stuttering on xbox series x for over a month. The support response doesn’t recognize it as a known issue and just gives me standard troubleshooting ideas until I get frustrated and they closed the ticket.

I have done a complete reset of my system and tried running a fresh borderlands 3 install as the only thing on the xbox and still get the stuttering. It is clearly a network issue so I am annoyed that the troubleshooting they are suggesting is trying to deal with the problem as if it were something wrong with my console.

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Psychonaut’s post of 15 days ago is our best lead here. He was able to isolate a line of code that pings the tribego site every 60 seconds.

That 60 second ping directly links to the stutter I experience in game and on the load screen. I’ve sent in 5 vids to CS that they claim to have sent to Gearbox. The stutter is like clockwork - every 60 seconds, my game stutters.

Not much we can do until they choose to fix it. Turning off all online components doesn’t solve the problem and the only way HE did, was to route his online router through a third party service that tricks the game into thinking it sent the Tribego query without actually allowing it to hit the game.

That solution is way too much drama to be reasonable.


I also blocked the site tribego for the query but despite it is also blocked by Edge who reports it to me blocked continues to make the query every 60 seconds the only solution for me is to put the Xbox offline.

I also solved the problem with the NAt which now tells me the Xbox is open but nothing. So even for those who have limited nat has the same problem. For the site block I used double block from Fritz box and from open DNS and I tried to access the site and I get the router alert that is blocked. I blocked all 4 sites mentioned above with the result that it no longer goes online but continues the stuttering. Very likely there is some other site besides tribego? I have blocked in addition to tribego these too no longer go online borderlands3 but still the stuttering continues. Any idea?

Well, sad to see the game is running like crap now, since i was going to tell a few friends to get it.

Interesting. We’ll, whatever it is we know the 60 second stutter only happens when online so it’s some query the code is making.

I thought it was only a series x/s thing but folks have experienced it on PC as well.

Maybe a Microsoft issue now? Sheesh - maybe a hotfix along with the next vault card release will address it.

Otherwise, I’m out of options for a short term fix that doesn’t include offline play which is wrought with inconsistent loot, missing anointments and various other oddities.

Adding my name to this list. Came back to the game after a couple month break and its unplayable on splitscreen. I even had a friend buy the game recently to play with us and I’m embarrassed to have recommended it.

Before the update, the game was smooth and sign ins were quick, no crashes. Now it’s been over a month and no word on if this game is going to become playable again? Feeling disappointed

Wow have lost alot of respect for Gear Box lately. This is obviously an issue with their latest patch since multiple people have reported issues with Series X and S. Yet they refuse to even admit that the problem exists. Must also be something they can’t figure out how to fix cause if you look at patch history they tend to release multiple hot fix patches a month yet we got nothing in July. Would also like to know why they couldn’t just roll back to previous patch on Xbox till they figure out how to fix stuttering issues. Annoying to buy a game wait for 107 gigs to download and then find out it has been unplayable for Xbox players for the last month.


Can we get an official update to this

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Not in here. No GB devs or 2K CS post in here.

We deserve an update but none has arrived.

Same Problem here as well. Where can i open a ticket? Crazy to see a AAA game title struggling over a month with those problems. Have a look at warzone. Patches and Updates Every day