Series x stuttering

This game has very bad stuttering on Series X.

Ive tried both Resolution and Performance mode
Both modes has this annoying stutter that just doesn’t go away.

I googled this issue and some said it might be because of the social notifications, so I turned those off and no change, the game still stutters

Ive even disabled 4k output from the console, so im playing in 1080p and the game still stutters.

Please fix this, I just want a smooth experience


The game has had stuttering issues since launch on PC. It has been noticeably reduced since then, but it has never been eliminated completely. Since the introduction of M11, stuttering is almost unnoticeable (imo) if you can play the game that way since there’s less effects going off during an engagement. The game just isn’t optimized for a completely smooth experience like you might find on a game like Doom Eternal.

There’s not much you can do if you’re on a console besides trying to move the game to the optional SSD that is available for series x. Even then, i wouldn’t expect a completely stutter free experience.

My game only stutters when many things explode at once. It usually happens when I kill a frozen enemy with a x14 Facepuncher and the nova on melee skill with Amara while wearing a radiation stone.
Radiation explosion+enemy’s frozen bits+14 novas multiplied by the enemies affected makes the game slow down a bit, but I was used to worse back when I had a regular Xbox one in M10.

Try disabling the EchoCast, it’s on by default and can cause stuttering (it’s under social not normal settings)

Stutters horribly on my PC as well. Always has. I’ve tried everything and finally just learned to live with it. I can eliminate a lot of it by disabling texture streaming but it makes my load times suuuuuuuuck.