Serious, absolutely serious , beyond SERIOUS ? For the devs

So I’m not sure where to post this. So hopefully the devs see this. But. Here’s the ???

Just how exactly are we expected to finish pvp lore KILL AMBRA 25 TIMES. WHEN SHES BEEN NERFED 2 x and no one and I mean NO ONE. Accept for the few people that understand why she was NERFED and don’t mind bringing her there my self included AND I MEAN FEW. So seriously how do you plan to rectify this situation being as it is next to impossible and very improbable that any1 at this point is go to get this lore done. So pls if you see this devs. Pls respond as I’m tired of playing 12 hours a day for the last 3 weeks and have ur to see a person play her in my matches


Might I suggest making a thread title that’s actually informative as to your complaint?


I think I figured it out. Get an Ambra to join you on story mode and throw her off the map 25 times bada bing bada boom, O wait that doesn’t work.

I just want to note that technically you need to kill her 50 times.

Alani needs her 25 times and Galilea needs her 25 times. I’m not really surprised no one plays Ambra - even without the nerfs, it’s just asking to spend the whole match being griefed.


But…I play Ambra when Alani is taken.

Awesome, if you enjoy playing her I’m glad you haven’t been scared off! I’m interested in her as a support/healer sort, but I’ll admit at this point I’m really intimidated to try. I’d just feel like there’s a huge target on my back.

It’s like someone’s idea of a bad joke made it into the game.

Laugh at the enemy and their silly target as you run away with no health and a free shield, and laugh harder as they run into your turrets.

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Honestly don’t bother playing her as a full support. It’s much better to pick her 30% regen and 50% sunspot health the rest you should focus on Solar Wind Damage/Cooldown. Trust me her support is terrible unless you have rank 12 mutation even then it’s not that great.

This is actually a valid concern, though you posted a tad over emotionally (honestly dont blame you, but could turn devs off).

Anyone whos played MOBAS (which BB shares enough similarities with the genre too be semi classified) knows the concept of a meta(game). When you nerf ambra as heavily as she was (played her, definitely understand the nerf, over the top though) shes removed from the “meta”. When that happens, scoring 25 killing blows is just far to much to ask to lock a specific character legendary.

We’re having conversations internally about this and as soon as there is news, we’ll let everyone know.


Cool, thanks, Joe!

Might I suggest we change the requirements to faction characters? maybe have the named “hit” count for 2?

Killing 25 Jennerit players seems more reasonable.

Thanks JoeKGBX, It really does put a giant bullseye on Ambra players and it is really dependent on finding the right opposing squad, which is frustrating.

No offense to any there, but I honestly believe that the Kill X, X many times challenges aren’t the best challenges to employ. I’ll try and state a few reasons so you can see it how I see it.

  1. It can breed toxic environments. How so? It forces a player to deliberately go out of their way and target X. Player playing X will take note of this and more often than not grow a bit irked by it. Its simply a thing that happens in PvP games, but especially moba-style games. Player using X will feel cheeky and go out of his way to now taunt the other player that is actively hunting them, which in turn will frustrate that player. No one likes to lose, especially if its for a challenge that locks rewards. Likewise, no one enjoys being hunted down and targeted over everything else. Some people actually take great offense to this.

  2. Experienced players who are familiar with these challenges can and sometimes will choose to go out of their way to make sure that the player doing them won’t get to kill them. " I’m ambra and they have Alani on their team? Lol, I’ll make sure to run away the very second I feel like this fight can turn bad". In this game, it can be next to impossible for you to kill someone else that goes out of their way to avoid you, even if it means that they lose. This in turn will frustrate the player trying to do the challenge, they will feel bad and cry unfair. They’ll feel that the challenge was out of their hands, which is a terrible feeling to have when you want to beat X challenge.

  3. Some people will get stressed over these challenges. It simply happens, PvP in general is a stressful environment. But adding more things such as killing a specific character that someone else may not pick or will go out of their way to avoid being killed by you will add to this stress. They begin to play more sloppily and can snap at allies when allies blunder. They’ll take the loss more to heart because they understand they just blew their chance at progressing on their challenge of killing X, X many times.

How would I solve this? Instead of Kill X, X many times, simply change the challenge to Win against X, X many times.

Will people still feel a bit more pressured/stress when they face off against X? Yeah, there’s no changing that for as long as the challenge remains as is, where it wants you to kill/beat a specific character. But at the same time, they can play as they always do. The player won’t have to go out of their way to actively hunt down X. X doesn’t have to worry about being prioritized over everything, so they won’t feel the need to be excessively cheeky.

Its also a lot more simpler and fair of a challenge, ya know? It keeps in the spirit of the game, which is Teamwork. More often than not, Killing X, X many times encourages people to become lone wolves and sacrifice themselves to try and kill X. But if the challenge was simply win against X, then they will be more encouraged to work with their team. Its a great incentive because it means they’ll be one step closer towards completing their challenge.

tl;dr: I advise changing all " Kill X, X many times" Challenges to " Win against X, X many times".


I love playing as Ambra , a lot of the time the galilea player gets tunnel vision and just dives me , only for my passive to pop and I make my exit while my team finishes her off. Havent see how ambra performs against alani but I think Alani would be a pain to play against since she can effectively hold you at range and fight you and you cant do much about it.

In one of the existing threads on this topic, please.

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