Serious Help Needed BL3- PS4 Loading/Lag issues


My game is having serious issues with lag/loading. I don’t play online so that’s not the issue. A couple weeks ago my game wouldn’t load at all, it would get to the point where claptrap dances (with loading screen) but he would never show up and the screen was just black. I backed up my character data to the PS cloud and then uninstalled the BL3 game and reinstalled it, and redownloaded all the DLC’s, I then downloaded my character data from the cloud. The game now loads but when I go to play it, it has SERIOUS lag and loading issues. I can’t even run to an area without the game freezing for like 3 minutes. I have no idea what’s going on or how to fix the issue… It’s almost like I have a version mismatch or something but my PS4 is up to date and the game software/version is up to date. ANY HELP anyone can provide would be really really appreaciated. After a year of grinding for levels and gear I don’t want to have to start all the way over. Also, the PS4 itself seems to be fine as I’ve loaded another game and can play it just fine.

Try rebuilding database in Safe Mode first.

I will try that tonight, thank you. Just in case that doesn’t work, any other suggestions? Is there any certain order in which I should have reinstalled the game, DLC’s and downloaded my saved character data?

It shouldn’t matter. If the rebuilding database won’t work you may need to reainstall the whole system.

Is it only BL3 that is having an issue? I had a similar issue with Civ VI. Rebuilt the database with game installed and it didn’t help. Uninstalled game and saves, rebuilt, then reIinstalled, worked.
Can’t explain why it worked that way.

yes it’s only on BL3. Ok so if normal rebuild doesn’t work, then uninstall everything again, rebuild database first, then reinstall game, DLC’s and Character saves. Correct?

One more question, does uninstalling the game actually delete my character data ? Meaning if I get the game reinstalled, dlc’s installed and just boot up the game are my characters going to be there?

Saves are stored in different place than game files. You can delete the game and no need to worry about the saves, but always do backups of your saves, via PS+ cloud or USB drive/stick.

AWESEOME!! Thank you so much for all your help GrzesPL and smokeoff! I’ll give this all a shot and let you know.

Hopefully it all worked out for you. If not, are all your games on the PS4? I bought an external HD to store more stuff. And I have noticed some games play fine off of it, and some have some loading issues. I am cheap, I got a HDD.

Unfortunately it did not work. I rebuilt the database first and the game still lagged. Uninstalled the game, rebuilt database again and then downloaded the game and DLC’s and tried it again and still freezing. Next up is to open it up and clean it with a can of air. One ■■■■■■ thing that happened is while downloading the DLC’s my whole system froze hard, so I had to hold down the power button until it shut off… which sucks bad. Soooo I may have to do it all over again after I clean it out… or bite the bullet and buy a PS5.

Thanks for all your help everyone, I really appreciate it!

Hey, just wanted to fill everyone in and give a resolution to this in case other people have a similar issue… In the end I ended up having to default my PS4 back to factory settings, re-initialize the PS4, update firmware, reinstall the game, re install DLC’s and then download my character saves and system settings and it worked. At first I tried only my characters after everything but that left my bank empty so I downloaded system settings (system preferrences?) and my bank was back. All in all everything that was suggested were great ideas but unfortunately didn’t fix the issue and a total default/re-install of everything was needed and now I’m back to playing BL3 . Thank you everyone for all your suggestions and help! I hope this thread will help someone else if they run into similar issues.

I suggested that in my second post :slight_smile:

Yes, yes you totally did. My bad for not seeing it earilier haha. thanks again for your help!

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