Serious lag ruining the game

just played a game as ghalt and literally every single enemy was immune to my trap stun at some point, even immune to my hook sometimes.

tbh i was so disgusted and annoyed that i just quit. sorry team.

its weird because everybody has 3 green bars.

but somehow everybody is just walking right through my traps without being stunned.

hook a guy right in his face but somehow he/she doesnt get pulled in from it.

so annoying man.

this happens all the time.

i donno if its the other team cheating or what but its so annoying i just dont even wanna play when i get screwed out of a fair game like that.

please fix. i dunno if its the servers or what but ghalt needs serious work his traps (at least for me) only work half the time.

by the way ghalts helix for firing 2 bullets at once is STILL BROKEN. PLEASE FIX IT MAN ITS BEEN SUCH A LONG TIME

The other day I played a game as Ghalt and I ran into the same thing. It was a marq & a Alani but they had green bars. The Ålani would just eat my hooks when I spoon fed it to her and she walked right out of my trap like if it wasn’t there. Same with the marq… Didn’t see anything else that was fishy but it was just the CC portion… Guessing it was lag but who knows, it only happened in that 1 match. All other matches it was fine

yeah its annoying.

its happening to me a lot.

probably half the time i play as ghalt this happens, which stinks… because he is a very awesome character and i like him a lot.

its like im kinda forced to play as a character who doesnt have these issues if i wanna maximize the fun .

because getting screwed out of half your kills isnt fun at all.

Yeah, Ghalt’s just generally a very weird character when it comes to lag, aiming, his skills proccing, everything.

yup. i hear lot of players say the same thing.

they just had a hotfix for ghalt a few days ago but they totally ignored all those things u mentioned. its a shame

Larger things will be in the upcoming patch. They did fix a terrible blurring problem though. It was highly needed.


Imagine my disgust when, in open beta, it dawned on me that there would be NO playing solo/private without an internet connection, and so when latency goes up, playability quickly drops to ZERO. THAT is why I waited for a sale to buy Battleborn. No campaign without internet? No first-day money from me. I can live with lag in MP. In SP, it’s a deal-breaker.

And there’s plenty of lag to go around out here in the sticks.

Yeah, when it happens, lag destroys the game in any/every mode. I understand why it is the way it is. Doesn’t mean I have to like it…

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I experienced some weird lags yesterday as well. Things suddenly teleporting. When you try to place your shadowfire pillars with that kind of happening, that wasn’t especially the easiest stuff to do. Lost every game as Orendi in incursion yesterday, didn’t happen since quite a lot of time.

And the WEIRDEST STUFF EVER: one minion who reached our sentry and deployed to generate his beam was ROTATING fast around the sentry (facing the sentry, with the beam on). I had to run around the sentry following it to try to destroy it, and as Orendi I’m running quite fast. Most of my attacks were missing it as if it wasn’t “exactly” here" but I was hitting it from time to time and finally got it so it was really rotating, that wasn’t only on my screen.
The sentry was completely lost, unable to rotate fast enough.
I felt a bit trolled by that minion, to be honest. Nooope you’re not killing me, hop, engaging super fast strafing mode!
What was that, did I encounter some kind of Heroic Minion or something? Like, it’s a legendary Hero among the Minion folklore, the legendary RghtStrafe Minion (as it was strafing right, and not left :] ).
That was some strafing skill here.

I wish I had a software to record video installed, that was worth a short video.

he was playing musical chairs with you bro

hope we get some nice fixes in next patch

can you explain your connection set up / type / speed?