Serious pet issues

I am 10 hours into this game and while they have done some amazing improvements the pets AI is absolutely atrocious.

  1. Some skills just flat out do not work (PHOS, yes I’m aware the buff doesnt show up but the damage doesnt come either. Also, why the hell doesnt the buff show up).
  2. The Pets are dumb, like REAL dumb.
  3. There is no balance between the three pets at all.

I really, really wanted to play a pet themed build but it seems like this just isn’t possible for long term progression. Like I said I could be wrong as I have only put 10 hours so someone please correct me if this is the case. Has gearbox announced any plans to help Fl4k out at all? This is very disheartening.

We’ll find out in a few hours what GB is going to do with pets. In the meantime, check out this thread, it’s the most comprehensive resource for FL4K’s pets at the moment.

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Are they doing a patch? Where can I see this announcement?

A Moze player is testing to see if IB scales, so we’ll see what happens.

Yes, pets are broken. Fl4k is doing fine, but pets are hurting pretty bad.