Serious Suggestion For a Much-Needed SHIFT Feature!

After years of putting up with Microsoft’s shenanigans in regards to locking us out of access to our Xbox One save files, I felt it was time to finally speak up.

I’ve played every previous game in the Borderlands Franchise on the Xbox 360, a system that allows me to make backup copies of my game saves on external flash drives or hard drives.

For this reason, I’ve thankfully NEVER been a victim of a Game Save Deletion Glitch that I couldn’t recover from. This is due solely to the fact that as soon as I became aware of those glitches in Borderlands 2, I immediately took steps to regularly backup my game saves, to protect myself from losing many hours of progress in these games.

Flash forward to now. Like many on these forums, I’ve found myself in the frankly unacceptable position of being totally unable to pre-order the Borderlands 3 Collector’s Edition on PC. Instead, like many here, I was forced to pre-order for the Xbox One, because it was the ONLY system for which pre-orders were readily available.

I have NO intention whatsoever of playing BL3 on a system that gives me NO access to my save files and NO ability to back them up on an external drive. To do so would be foolish in the extreme. Nearly every day, I’m seeing posts in these forums about borked game saves, with lost Golden Keys and loot. And virtually every one of them is from someone playing the games on Xbox One. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

But there IS a solution, a simple solution, a way to return the power to the players: GEARBOX SHOULD IMPLEMENT THEIR OWN CLOUD SAVE SYSTEM THROUGH OUR SHIFT ACCOUNTS! They should make it backwards compatible with ALL the games in the series. It should work like the Xbox 360 Cloud Saves, where at any time, we can copy our saves up to the cloud, or at any time, pull our saves down from the cloud, restoring earlier saves to our local system.

At the same time, Gearbox should make our saves truly UNIVERSAL, allowing us to take our characters, all their progress, and all their LOOT, from one system to any other system! So, I could upload my saves from the Xbox 360 to my Shift Account, then download them to my PC and continue playing with those characters on the PC editions of the games!

This is the only way I can see to defeat Microsoft’s draconian policies, and return to players the necessary ability to protect ourselves against game save deletion glitches.

If you agree that this is something that we NEED, please post your agreement below. It’s probably too late for Gearbox to implement this in the Borderlands 3 game at launch, but perhaps if there’s enough demand for it, they could put it into a DLC.

Goodbye friends. If you shop anywhere else, I’ll have you killed! :wink::+1:


While I think it could be beneficial I am also going to say that would cost them a LOT of time and resources. It would be nice, but I feel the cost might be too great for them.

Admittedly, I’d like that because I often get each game for my primary console and PC (Steam). While I’m not a person who mods or does any of that stuff when it comes to multiplayer content, I will say that there are people who do and would certainly increase the ease of cheating the system on console and flood the game(s) with crazy rare/modded loot.

Wait, XBone doesn’t let you plug in a flashdrive?! WTF Xbox? If you have a PS4 you could try getting a Collector’s edition for that if it comes up, but damn. That is a raw ass deal.

Technically it does. However: you cannot see individual save files for any given game, just a global “X MB of data for Y user profiles”; and options for managing save data are basically limited to delete or move - there does not appear to be a copy function (unless it’s buried very deep and I missed it).

In one way I kind of get why they’d do this. First, probably way too many people contacting support because they accidentally deleted all their saves “to make room”; second, the automatic cloud save feature is supposed to make user backups needless; and third, it (theoretically) limits the ability of folks to monkey with their save files.

At the same time: the cloud save system is not foolproof, especially if you play a lot of RPGs with frequent large autosaves; and, what if your internet connection is not particularly stable in the first place?

I’m not optimistic that MS will ever back-track on this.

The flip side of this is that I don’t think having Gearbox keep cloud saves for BL3 would be much different, if the model employed for Battleborn is anything to go by? Then again, that didn’t have cross-play either (and when it launched such a thing was still thought to be impossible due to both Sony and MS statements on the subject - that has partially changed since then.)

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And that’s a big part of why Microsoft has implemented such draconian policies on the XBone.

Yep, totally true. And if you read their recently-updated Xbox Live Terms & Conditions, you’ll see why they did it, and you’ll realize that there’s no way they’re going to go back to doing things the way they did them on the 360. And that’s why at this point, I only still have an Xbox One to play Xbox Exclusive franchises like Halo & Crackdown. But for everything else, I’ll be moving to PC whenever possible, especially since my Xbox One Elite Controller works with Windows PCs.

The ONLY system apart from the PS4 you mean?

  1. It seems that in a lot of cases, the PS4 copies are harder to come by than the Xbox One version. My guess would be that 2K is making more pre-orders available for Xbox One than for PS4, and both console versions have had many more copies offered than the PC edition. Shows you what 2K thinks of the “Glorious PC Gaming Master Race”! :roll_eyes:

  2. There would also be no point to ordering for a system I don’t own. The last PlayStation I bought was the PS2. When it was time to upgrade to either the PS3 or the Xbox 360, all the games I wanted to play that were exclusive to one platform were on the Xbox 360.

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Just a reminder, too, that we ALREADY HAVE, built into SHiFT, a Character Upload/Download function, that allows you to Upload your character, with all of their progress, Skins, Heads, and Gear, to the SHiFT Cloud, and then Download them to a different system. Right now, it limits you to the “same console family”, and will NOT let you download XBox 1 characters to the XBox 360 versions of the game.

So, all I’m asking for is for this feature WE ALREADY HAVE to be improved, allowing it to be fully Cross Platform, so we can Upload characters from any system that the games are available on, and Download them to any system that the games are available on! A perfectly reasonable request, In My Opinion. :wink::+1:

It works fine for PS4<–>PS3.

That’s because Sony is smarter than Microsoft and ISN’T trying to stop you from backing up your game saves, because if you backup your game saves, it can only mean that you’re trying to edit your save files to CHEAT and invalidate the sanctity of the precious Achievement system! You couldn’t possibly be backing them up to protect against game glitches that corrupt or even DELETE your game saves! Nope, if you want to backup your game saves on an external drive (like the Xbox 360 allows) it means you’re a no-good, low-down, dirty, rotten CHEATER! :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t know what it has to do with the Upload/Download option in the game, but yeah, this kinda sucks.

Epic games have managed a wonderful service for Fortnite wherein no matter where I go, if I sign into my EG account I have access to all my cosmetics, stats, and whatever on any system I like.
Fortnite is quite obviously a much larger game and, in the way of microtransactions, could probably fund it easier than GBX. But genuinely, if they said it was a fiver for me to store my saves? I’d pay it.

Fortnite isn’t an accurate comparison because it’s a fully online game. You don’t actually utilize offline local game saves. The data is stored in the actual game server and accessed from there when needed. This is why all it takes is logging into your account to get all the items and such on your account. Essentially the only things that don’t get saved automatically with online games like this to carry over to other machines are user settings if you rebind keys or tweak your UI. The “wonderful service” you talk about has been the norm for MMO’s for decades for the same reason. The client is built for a platform to access a remote data server for your character/account data.

Singleplayer and offline games only picked up on this when cloudsaves became a thing. However its still hampered by access limitations of consoles which limits the ability to crossplay in most cases as current. However the collab between sony and Microsoft might start laying groundwork for breaking down that hurdle.

Well actually, I dont think it matters if it was utilised in MMOs for a long time previously. I find it to be convenient, and it’s a feature that was not included in day one.
I think it’s irrelevant that fortnite is fully online too, considering we are discussing a similar method to what they use, by storing our data on shift.

My experience of it is decent and I would like to see a similar thing incorporated into Borderlands. I think that’s fair to say, whether or not its viable.

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So, while just reading up on things with the Borderlands franchise, I stumbled upon a forum for Borderlands Modders that create their own, new content for the games on PC, and mention was made of a software tool they’ve developed that WILL allow the importing of Xbox game saves into the PC editions of the games! :exploding_head:

So, although it’s a 3rd party provided solution, rather than an official one from Gearbox & 2K themselves, I may have just found my cross platform game save transfer solution! I’ll be looking into it within the next week or so, when I have time to sit down in front of my gaming laptop & check it out. :sunglasses: