🔍Serious useful M10 feedback to Devs, State of Guns in Borderlands 3/ Video inside

As you are aware there have been buffs to only 8 smgs and well its effectively 7 mayhem wise.

Please look at the newly buffed Vanquisher video with the Rad150 anoint. Its basically double damage and then some so it can make any gun shine.

Most of the weapons in the game struggle to kill basic loader bots

Basically what you see here is how mostly all the guns are performing or worse except 3 cartel exclusive weapons and m6 exclusives. It is the main reason players are unhappy about limited weapon selection.

Legendaries arent Legendary anymore. They are very bad in your endgame many. There is only a handful of guns a player can use to kill basic enemies effectively outaide of spamming ase anointments getting major damage.

Even with grrat anoints some Legebdarys cant do enough damage to put down basic mobs in time.

The game has become dependant on anoints for damage. Therefor The game has become spam ase to be viable. Majority of the games weapons even with good anoints are not viable

We do not have alot of options in the game. No borderlands has been this way. Shure there are some bosses certain weapons favor but there were multiple effective guns and build variations.

The game is Now ase anoint spam all 4 characters as the endgame.

Its very hard to obtain good weapons requiring multiple runs but then anoints are required to be effective as a general rule. So when it has an ineffective anoint or an anoint for another character the gun becomes useless.

The recent patch and only a few smgs pretty much hurt players thinking you were addressing our issues. The buffs weren’t even effective for endgame.

Dlc weapons players started to love are now obsolete also.

Power creep is a new liveservice issue in other looter shooters..

Ya know games emulating the original borderlands experience…please dont emulate their mistakes.


Snowdrift isn’t helping much there with the additional sliding speed. Better to use Pearl or anything else so you slide slower, and can aim better. Also keeps you from reaching your target too fast and stopping.

On Zane with a heave +40% while sliding and VM(?) it might be good. But that’s just not a good setup. I actually used the Vanquisher a lot during the Blood Harvest event. It did a lot of work for me against Haunt and helped get me out of trouble too. But that’s not the right place or way to use it. They almost need to add an artifact that slows you down, call it slow-mo.

Slo-mo (artifact)
While you are sliding your movement is -50% While you are air borne, you fall 50% slower.
-50% to projectile speed

This would allow you to take advantage of sliding and jumping anoints a bit more. And it would not reduce your overall distance, so you can still clear jumps. You just move slower. And with weapons like the Lob or WotW, slower projectiles = more damage.

Regardless, without a gimmicky artifact the Vanquisher still won’t out perform a nice point-and-shoot Kaoson or Redistributor. It’s only saving grace is that it’s magnitudes easier to get.

I like when new and OP gear is introduced. I dont like when ■■■■ gets nerfed. To keep things interesting and keep us coming back, they need new and powerful interesting gear.

But I wish they would buff stuff to somewhat keep up and give us options to play with.


There have been a few posts about this. Here are a couple of mine that have been well discussed and received.
Annointments poll and discussion
Annointment realization.

Absolutely well laid out! Unfortunately Gearbox will continue to state they are responding to community feedback and are not. The truth is, they keep trying to overshoot the moon when they should just land and plant a flag.

I REALLY want an artifact that increases sliding duration instead of speed. This alone would be a nice improvement to a lot of slide mechanics/annointments.

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