Seriously a disconnect?

I was farming the minions in the Geoff to get character rank for Rath. While playing, I got disconnected and the match is incomplete and I got no experience whatsoever. I just wasted an entire hour for nothing. Pretty disappointed and yes, it is more effective to just run the mission, but I wanted to relax for a bit and get a big chunk of experience at once.

I hate when this happens :frowning:

if you want a easier mission to do this Voids Edge is better. Also with that said it sucks that you got a disconnect unfortunately that is the fear when doing solo matches. Also there is a timer to watch that you can’t farm to long. I think you get 90min to complete each mission otherwise it fails you.

It’s 100 and actually, just start a mission solo and sit there. I did the Renegade and needed 235 to master Rath, and knew if I completed it in my normal time frame I would only get 150, so I kept my game going until the countdown got to a minute, killed the boss, and got max rank. Sucks character experience is tied to how long you play as that person. Though it is helpful if you need to do something to just go do it and come back to see you gained a rank during this double xp.