Seriously? A time limit?

You’re presenting Battleborn as a MOBA-esque competitive game and Incursion is over in 25 minutes? Who made this decision? How does it make any sense at all?

I was just in a game with my friends and we had a really rough start and lost our first sentry relatively early. We were coming around and pushing them back, making a lot of progress toward a comeback when suddenly the game counts down from 10 to 0 and it’s over.

We lose.

… What?

I get that you’re not trying to be League of Legends or DotA, but seriously, you can’t call it a competitive multiplayer if you’re not even allowed to make comebacks. I don’t care how long the match drags on, if I’m able to pull a win out of the jaws of defeat I will stick with it however long it takes.

In a competitive setting, giving the game to “The team that’ll probably win” isn’t acceptable. Imagine if that happened in any other team-focused game? Imagine if League games had a strict 30-minute timer that just gave the win to the team with the most turret kills.

I choose to address this particular issue out of the plethora of other problems this game has with its “competitive” multiplayer because this is the first one that completely took the wind out of my sails. We were having a good match, and then suddenly it was over because… Why, exactly? This isn’t Call of Duty, nobody is sitting down and saying, “One quick game of Battleborn before work”.

TL;DR, Incursion match timer, to me, is ridiculous and completely arbitrary and ruins a lot of potential for teams to make comebacks. Perhaps add the option for a separate, more hardcore queue with no time limit? Thoughts?

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Comebacks are allowed, they just need to happen faster than you guys were doing it.

I like the time limit, because I hate dragged out games, and built-in countdown timer is exactly what guarantees me I won’t be wasting more than 30 minutes of my time on a game I can’t win because I just can’t destroy my enemy’s sentry.


I understand that, but what you’re talking about isn’t a Competitive environment, it’s a Casual one.

“I don’t want to get locked down for a long game” is a Casual mindset. That’s perfectly fine, mind you, I have nothing against people who want that out of a game, but to present Battleborn as a Competitive title and then pull something like that is… I can’t describe how disappointing it is.

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Actually, many players do say, “One quick game before…”

Also, you’re not dealing with as many desciplined gamers who will grind out for hours.


I think the time limit’s a good thing. If I have to do something in 45 minutes I don’t want to get into a match that’s going to potentially take an hour.

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I think people are misunderstanding the point I’m making.

I understand the potential reasons for having a timer in place. It keeps games within a reasonable timeframe for people who don’t have the time to dedicate 45+ minutes to a match.


That’s the difference, that’s why I find it ridiculous. This game is being presented as a Competitive title and yet it discourages teams from playing the long con and trying to make a comeback in the lategame. It also even further encourages leavers, because when someone looks at a score of something like 30-90 with 5 minutes left, they’re far more likely to just leave if their surrender vote doesn’t go through, because there’s nothing stopping them.

What’s so causal about it? Putting players into the strict timeframe forces them to take fast action, not to sit out doing nothing the whole game.


I agree 100%. I think they should implement a competitive mode that does not have a timer. I have been in a couple of games that ended just as they started to get interesting. I also find it frustrating when you tie a team and they give it to the team with the better team score. That’s really rewarding high kill count over teamwork if you ask me.

It also completely invalidates a team’s efforts if they’re putting up a good fight and are only slightly behind. If a team is behind by 20 points on Incursion and pushes the enemy back to Mid where the match is then locked for a good 10-15 minutes, by the time they manage to push into the enemy base time has run out and they’ve lost.

Sorry, you should have played faster. Forget the fact that you could have turned the match around completely and won it for yourself, we’ve all got places to be, fam, tick tock.

It’s a very, very Casual mechanic. Like I said, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing if you want a more Casual experience, but if that’s the kind of audience Battleborn is catering to then maybe they shouldn’t have called it a Competitive title.

I don’t think it’s uncompetitive to have a time limit. Pretty much every sport has a time limit. Counterstrike; one of the most competitive videogames out there has a very short time limit. It even adds another competitive component: time management.

It just means that your long con is a bit too long I think. If your opponents were able to hold you for 15 minutes at mid that just means their strategy and time management worked better in that particular match.

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I’m sorry, but it sounds to me more like you are being salty because your strat is not working in the Battleborn environment.

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Counter Strike has a short time limit isolated within rounds of the game because Counter-Strike is a game that encourages fast-paced stratagems. Rounds in Counter-Strike can last a total of 35 seconds.

That isn’t the kind of game Battleborn is. It may have fast-paced combat, but the overall scheme of things is a lot slower. You level slowly, waves push slowly, you have to build turrets in strategic places when you need them, there’s a method to everything. Teams being locked at Mid for upwards of 10-15 minutes is not uncommon. So why then, should a team be given the win just because they got a few hits in on the enemy’s sentry? They don’t even have to destroy it, they just have to get ahead and then wait out the timer.

Really, dude? I’ve been presenting a perfectly polite and well-articulated argument, don’t start slinging salt around.

I’m sorry if you disagree, but I think the presence of a game-ending timer is the complete opposite of Competitive gameplay in a MOBA-like format.

Time limit minimizes your chances for a comeback it’s a simple fact. No one is saying that you can’t comeback within the time limit or that the time limit is a bad thing but the games would be more competitive if there wasn’t a time limit.

Because you didn’t get those few hits on the enemy sentry after 30 entire minutes. If you’re losing it’s up to your team to go on the offence. Any sport with a time limit’s like that. The team with the advantage has the option of playing more defensively; it’s a legitimate strategy. Maybe you weren’t aggressive enough or maybe you were just outclassed.

Your view of what a game must be to be considered competitive seems awfully narrow and is flawed IMO. You don’t see hockey players going “Unfair! We outshot them 3 to 1 this period! If the timer didn’t run out we totally would have won!”

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I just don’t see a timer being something “competitive” or “noncompetitive”, I just see it as a different approach to the matter.

If game puts you in strict time limit - it’s definitely not a turtle game, unless you’re able to get a point advantage and THEN keep that advantage by turtling. It’s just a different strategy environment, and by the way, getting ahead by point and then hunkering down is a pretty valid strategy that won me numerous games.

Once again, I just don’t see how timer is related to the game being competitive or not. It just works different from other MOBAs, allows different approaches to succeed.

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The reason most sports have time limits is because after you make it to your team’s goal the board resets, the game would go on forever if there was no defined end. Battleborn is completely different, there are defined win conditions and then a timer thrown on top of that arbitrarily. the timer does nothing for the competitive nature of the game it just makes the session more manageable for players.

But if both teams are evenly matched the game is going to go on for a lot longer than that. 25 minutes is a paltry amount of time in a game like this.

If this game ever gets to e-sports (which I can almost guarantee it won’t) I can almost guarantee you the prevalent strategy is going to be fighting like hell for a small lead and then just stalemating. It’s going to be Street Fighter IV: The MOBA.

But the team is perfectly capable of doing it, and in some cases is in the process of doing it. The fact that they get a loss just because “your skill levels are too even and you couldn’t push through them fast enough”.

Look at it that way. Teams with very similar average skill levels are far more likely to end in a timeout. How does that make for an interesting match?

Would you ever want to watch an e-sports game of Battleborn that ended in a timeout?

I disagree. The time limit introduces more strategies into the game. That increases the competitive nature if anything.

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it allows less approaches to succeed for no reason other than to keep the game short. That’s not competitive.