Seriously, am I the only person that hates this?

The outlining of drops and chest contents. This was a complete failure in Battleborn, don’t repeat a mistake. Probably the #1 Borderlands player…Joltzdude, could spot gear parts on stuff flying through the air, or on the ground from 20 paces in the previous games. The outlining obscures this. Suck it up…and dump it. If there is a legit technical reason that gear cannot be easily distinguished lying on the ground or in a chest, as in previous games, please explain why not. I want to see the gear…not an outline obscuring the item. I also don’t need blue sparkles and flashes opening ammo chests…I want to easily see shotgun ammo, grenades, etc. Why is the ammo so small in the chests, cases, boxes, etc.? There’s also a lot of font work to be done on guncards and location discovery. I would suggest abbreviations on guncards…DMG, FR, MAG, etc. They look very stale and unappealing compared to previous versions. Seriously Gearbox…don’t screw this up. People have been waiting, patiently, for a long, long, time.

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You are barking up the wrong tree if you think this is Bungie.


Lol, Bioware, Bungie, Gearbox…I’m just tired of the half-assery. You get my point tho, right?

I do, but this really is not the end of the world, especially if it can be toggled.


Can it? I watched the drop piles from the gameplay, and the items could only be distinguished from the guncards. Why would an outline be on items in a chest? After seeing what happened to Battleborn…I don’t want any arcade style over coloration or anything that distracts from the item. I used to be able to easily tell what the drops were lying on the ground. That disappeared with Battleborn…and should considered a mistake.

On the other side some people are blind as a bat and couldn’t find their stuff in the previous games. Sadly we couldn’t get a feel on what visuals could be toggled in the reveal since the streamers were locked out of those settings.

What we colorblind people need is bigger markers, like the Effervescent ones, for Oranges and Pearls, too.

I hate the way the colors look in the Colorblind settings.

But I use them.

Not that they help much, per telling markers apart.

But if I leave it on “Normal” colors, the games don’t denote the rarity in the description… which is how I tell they are Oranges and Pearls, along with the red text.


I honestly see absolutely no problem with your concern. It makes next to no difference gameplay wise.



I admire those people that offered up possible solutions. Its understandable to have a concern, but its amazing to have constructive ideas that are beyond, “fix it:?” or “make it go away.”

The toggle on/off and change fonts styles are greats idea.

I disagree with having too many abbreviations just to have abbreviations. If someone fresh into the game come, never playing boderlands saw “FR” would they know what it ment? Frame rate, fire, fire rate, frost rounds, friendly reflection… people are imagative weirdos.

May be a public test server would be nice.
Thats a PTS for thoses that need it abbreviated.

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I was just playing a game that also uses Unreal 4 and there’s a possibility that the Able To Interact Outline Glow is a feature of the engine.

I think he has a point though. If we already have a areial vertical color marker, an outline would be overkill if we couldn’t turn if off.