Seriously GBX - WTH? This is *not* OK! -Why the raid is bad-

Mayhem 4 raid loot is seriously lacking! To a level it makes it not fun at all! I don’t even want to do it anymore at this point. I’ve farmed this place so many times for weeks just to get nothing! I haven’t pulled a single raid specific loot out of this craphole in at least 30+ runs. Straight up ridiculous.

My message to GBX:

Before this clip my last recorded kill shows me getting ZERO legendary from Wotan. My next kill was a repeat of that, ZERO legendary!


Raids are awful to begin with, but if you make it through one you should definitely be rewarded.


I have never even finished the TD I gave up on it, I was planning on doing it when the player scaling comes into effect, but regarding your post it doesn’t bode well if you dont get rewarded so maybe i’ll be re-thinking this one, I have noticed a decrease in drops especially in the new dlc ( well for me particularly )


I have the impression that when you start repeating something in the same session the rewards drop. I have cleared takedown m4 exactly 2 times and in different sessions I was litteraly drowned in legendary and got a redistributor phasecast in one instance

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This was actually the first run for this particular session. Same goes with my kill earlier today with zero drops, the next run with zero was a continued session. I have to restart the game frequently to do the raid due to extreme FPS drops.

The first time I did this raid I was showered with drops (like a week after it came out), and it felt good but I wasn’t solo. I took like a month off to work on my build before I solo’d it. Since that every time I’ve completed it, which has been a lot since it’s basically all I do now, the loot sucks, always.

When did you get those completions @olivier_shady? Like how much time ago?

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Well I guess it is all rng then. My most recent was the 26 december and the other one a couple of days earlier

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I was getting about the same results as you in the video, till I figured out to kill the legs asap as soon as the bottom part dies. I get tons of legendaries that way (not really raid or M4 specific, but that’s another thing). 1 run this morning netted me a total of 12 legendaries (wish I took a picture really, I need to remember stuff like that). Even on M4, a full clip of a corrosive cutsman should do the trick (no need to use the effing stacking dmg glitch to oneshot everything like them youtubers do all the time, god I hate that). I’ve done this on Amara and Zane, and get tons of loot that way.

Now onto the specific raid loot and such… IT GODDAMN SUCKS BIG TIME! I mean really, in about 10 runs I did yesterday on M4 on Amara, 2 runs on Zane on M4 and about 4 runs on M3, I got exactly 2 raid specific guns (Kybs and a godly rolled Redistributer for my zane, with extra Cryo). That is using the trick I mentioned above. In all my runs total on M4 (wich is a bunch), I haven’t even seen one single of the new classmods. And don’t get me started on the Valkyries!

If I got time today, I’ll do a couple more runs and maybe make a video demonstrating the difference between shooting the legs and not.

I was just about to say the leg thing but was beaten to it. This vid shows how.


Yeah, that’s what I meant, but I really didn’t want to link a YT video about it, since most of the video’s on YT are using an exploit/bug/whatever to make this possible. But that’s basicly the thing to do.

You can do this legit too, np. Corrosive cutsman should do the trick.

Sidenote: I’m getting sick of all these YT’ers basing their builds or kills on glitches or exploits. God, just play the game like the most of us, and actually get good (yes this is one case where we can say: ‘get gud’ instead of abusing exploits). And the amount of videos I’ve seen pass in my recommended feed saying ‘Best Build Eva!!!’… I get irritated just seeing them, since most of the builds are copies of other ones. Also…. who the F is Wutan? (lol, couldn’t help myself.) And GB/2K send HER an exclusive BL3 collectors item (she has a video about it) after launch…. I mean come on man… Glitch is in her freaking name!

PS: I have the most respect for all the OG YT’ers (Joltz, Derch and the like) and some of the newer ones (Moxsy, Thicc,…) but some just get to me… (not naming them, but we all know who I mean)

I’ll stop ranting now, since I’m getting off track here (sorry OP).

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I just completed MT on M3 with a buddy of mine yesterday (double Zane group FTW!). The reason we did it on M3 instead of M4 is because the loot drop rates are literally the same between those two difficulty levels. There is no higher chance for legendary drops on M4 - you only get M4 exclusive loot - and for Wotan, most people farm it for the Redistributor which you can get on M3.

I realize this doesn’t really address the issue you’re bringing up here, but it does support it. Why do MT on M4 at all? And honestly, if you’re looking for M4 exclusive loot, do it in Moxxi’s Heist where the content is far easier on M4 than MT is, given the “raid” scaling. Essentially, it’s poor design for MT specifically, and M4 in general. But I think you already know my opinion on M4 MT, so I won’t rehash all that here.

I’m trying to do it right now, but I think its bugged. Enemies are spawning incredibly slowly.

Wotan was fun until we found out how stingy he was.
Probably ran it at least 50 times in the first week or two and my best weapon was a kyb’s worth with jump damage buff, why?

Have you checked your lost loot recently? It is entirely possible to get nothing, I’ve gotten that once, but I get the feeling you may have some there. Also you were fighting solo. You don’t run Takedown solo for drops, it’s for measuring e-peen. The only crappy part of Takedown is the immediate disbanding if the group fails.

I also have the impression that when you start repeating the same activity over and over, the drops start to decline.

I would like the specific drops from the raid tto be better. You spend countless hours perfecting builds but the drops are not that special. Im not asking to be OP, but where sre the best shields mentioned?


Thanks for the heads up I never would’ve guessed and That seems incredibly stupid so instead of beating him and having a bunch of loot drop you have 11 seconds to destroy his corpse or risk losing out on loot. ok

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I had some time to make a couple of runs, and took a couple of pics. I’m not used to taking pics, so don’t mind the menu being in the way lol, totally forgot to hide that.

This one was M3, without shooting the legs: 3 Legendaries.

This was on M3, with shooting the legs: 9 legendaries. (hard to see since they were bunched up alot, but I counted them just to be sure)

This was on M4, with shooting the legs: 13 legendaries (again, bunched up, but I counted)

This might be a small sample size, but thrust me, it is worth destroying the legs for sure.

Now on to the loot: 0, zero, nada, nill, geen, … Raid specifec legendaries! Out of 25 leggos, not one raid specific legendary dropped, so yeah…. Cool beans!

:joy: since when did U replace O in the alphabet. I hear this all the time too :man_facepalming:

I think people think it’s supposed to be a reference to rap instead of mythology.

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Yeah. Everyone is all “wutang” and I’m just like

“Wotey Wotes”


Fun fact (I’m a hip hop fanatic, amongst other music sorts): The Wu-Tang Clan has an album called… and I’m not even joking…. ‘Legendary Weapons’ haha, thought it was fitting to mention it.

edit: sorry @kabflash for getting this thread getting derailed a bit, but couldn’t help myself.

Problem still stands, drop rates on these raid exclusives still suck!!!