Seriously, Her Damage is Out of Control

She’s a really fun character, and I think she really fits my playstyle, but seriously her pistol does enough damage for her to be an exclusively ranged character, but she’s got the DoT and melee damage in addition to that which makes it kind of crazy. I think the gun damage should be brought down a bit to account for all the other powerful abilities that she has. I get that she doesn’t have the same movement speed and everything, but her damage is over twice as much as Caldarius does, and she’s got the additional poison damage on top. She should definitely do more damage but not that much more damage.

What are you referencing this to? PvP? PvE? Could you explain further? I’ve played Mellka, I haven’t tested her out in PvP, but I have in PvE and found her wanting. She seemed like a burst character without the burst, the only redeeming quality I found in her as an Assassin was her mobility.

As someone who mains Mellka I do not want the devs to change her. Her mobility and damage are perfect at the moment. Her poison doesn’t do that much, and her pistol doesn’t either. She can take a little damage so she can melee for a bit, but you really have to hit and run.
Her damage is no where near “Out of Control”, her ttk is at least on par or less than other assasins.

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I haven’t played her or against her so I cant say if she is imbalanced but in that case they should not just nerf her melee damage, her helix is a lot about the choice between melee and smg so they should take some damage of both and make the helix options stronger so you can still play her how you want.

I was referring to PvP. I found that she played well as an assassin, but her pistol was powerful enough that she could keep up damage at any range and not even need to rely on her abilities and such. Then, when you felt like really kicking ass, you could cruise in and also do huge burst damage with the claw lunge and everything. I really enjoyed both Caldarius and Mellka, and I just think it doesn’t really make sense that while they kinda fill similar roles, she can do so much more damage. She should do more because she doesn’t have as high movement speed, but she does over twice as much damage. Also, I found that Mellka was really good at landing headshots.

I agree with her range, I’ve been able to shoot people halfway across the Meltdown map for a few giggles. However just because I can reach them doesn’t mean I can kill them. Unless I’m chasing them down and they are close to death, long range damage from the machine pistol is really just a minor annoyance (like a mosquito!) At best, it gets people to move from their camped spot.
It can seem like she’s dealing a lot of damage, and you can spec her helix to do so, but overall she is fairly balanced in my opinion.