Seriously? No automatic support on ultrawides out of the box? (Black Bar Hell)

First time i’ve EVER had to jury rig my video card settings just to get your game to run full screen without the annoying black bars.
We shouldn’t have to be fighting the game to do this.

Video: RTX 2070 XC Ultra 8GB DDR6 - Latest Drivers
LG 34UM69G-B 34-Inch 21:9 UltraWide IPS Monitor
I usually run at a 2560x1080 (Native) and now I’m running at 1920x1080 at 1080p - fine…its HD - but I want “more pixels” - NOT less.

I guess ill have to set a profile for “this one game” out of hundreds to work around this until you guys patch it.

Please fix this! I want my full resolution back.

PS: love the game!
PS2: Feel free to provide any “hacks” or “game fixes” that will let me run in my full native resolution mode.

Update : I’m confused - game says its running 2560x1080 - computer says 1920x1080 - This doesn’t make sense.


Hmm, now that is definitely odd.

When you switch to and from your desktop to game do you notice anything ‘snapback’, or is the resolution altered?

negative. Just very…strange. I’ll make a profile and force the video card to snap to the resolution automatically so i dont have to screw my windows desktop settings over for this game.

Annnnd i can’t change resolution automatically for the game on pre-launch…yet…sigh. this is annoying.

Did you put in a support ticket?

Seems I’m blind…ill put one in momentarily. Thanks.

No problem, keep me updated and don’t hesitate to PM me if the problem persists beyond the recommended fix.

So Elite Stores is bumbling through my “missing DLC” content issue (Got Super Deluxe Edition - no goodies - seems to be a thing all over now) - which makes me want to drink bleach as to how utterly ■■■■■■■■ they are. Also something everyone tells me is normal.

2K Decided that Borderlands 3 is on Steam and started asking me to do things i clearly told them where not going to solve the issue.

So much for tech support with half a brain. Better off trolling these boards and reddit. Sigh.

For the record - game works fine - just tired of workarounds.
Seeing hotfix got dropped and some new solutions roaming about…ill fiddle with my game a bit and see if anything changes.

Loooots of graphical bugs (As in (LB) for (X) on interaction - cute - not artifacting/defects)…nothing that breaks the game…but you’d think these guys would put some Q/A into their work.

Sad - love this game…would have been a better launch. Starting to think they rushed it.

I’ve noticed some odd scenarios when going from my main monitor 2560x1440, then hooking up PC to living room TV and trying to set to 4k… It seems like I have to toggle fullscreen, and aspect ratio to unsupported… a mixture of those I do not recall for the correct resolution to show up.

Another thing I have noticed is when playing on main PC on 2560x1440 monitor sometimes when I quit the game it seems to have set my desktop resolution to something like 1080p maybe even 720p… you can see it flicker and change back to 1440p once the game fully quits. So it seems like it’s kind of cheating the resolution, possibly doing some kind of up scaling, not really sure. I’ve never seen another game do this before.

I also have a 34" ultrawide 3440x1440 and I can set that res in game, but like I said, sometimes I have to set the ratio to unsupported for the correct resolutions to show up, and sometimes this will randomly get reset.

Tried turning off the fidellity fx thing whatchmacallit - seems to work OK? But still iffy on cutscenes.

Quality issues are very disappointing on these nuances.

Still missing my stuff too… epic has not replied…sigh.