Seriously, NOOOO!

So Killavolt is getting NERFed.

The Update list claims it was a bug. No it was a design choice that the community has forced them to change. Not sure what site the article was from (IGN I think) but one of the sites that got a chance to play through a portion of the game before release, made a comment that there was a side quest/boss that was very difficult. I can’t remember if they ever said the mission or boss by name but it was early in the game. So one could easily assume they were talking about Killavolt. It was a design choice, if it wasn’t Gearbox would have gone and fixed it prior to release knowing that an article was posted about said issue. I even want to say the writer reached out for comment on this and got a response.

I get that Gearbox wants to make their players happy. But is making the game easier the answer? NO. Whatever happened to working hard and earning the just rewards? The Raid Bosses in BL2 were impossible to beat until you came back to them Leveled Up, Geared Up, and put in the time to get better at the game. Why should Killavolt be any different?

So basically when the DLC’s come out and Raids are made available…what are these same people going to complain that the Raid Boss is too hard until Gearbox caves and NERF’s them too? NO!!!

I like my video games to be fun and actually test me to progress through the game. Force me to work at getting better. If the game was easy, why bother playing? Why bother getting better at it if the end reward is just handed to you?

Found the article, it was posted by IGN. Killavolts attack was not a bug, it was a design choice.

“At the opposite end of the spectrum is Killavolt, who covers the entire arena in unavoidable, mostly-lethal electricity that can easily down your entire team at once. Worse, his electricity even zaps the smaller enemies that would otherwise give you a chance at reviving yourself with a Second Wind kill. This was unnecessarily frustrating to the point where I even reached out to Gearbox to make sure I wasn’t missing some mechanic meant to make this fight less of a headache. I wasn’t. I’m not sure what the designers were trying to put down here, but I’m definitely not picking it up.”

I beat killovolt on my second try. It wasn’t that hard… and now they’re nerfing him. Ok this is bad

Sad thing is he was not even hard people where probly under lv or geared . I was as well when i first got to him died a few times went out got better gear a lv or 2 and came back and rolled him.
He is my guess the first of many to come sadly.

I died a few times trying to take him down. Gave up, went and leveled once or twice and came back and took him down. I think they need to leave him unNerfed…make people work for the win.