Seriously, the character panting noises

I actually created a ticket about this based on the advice from a forum mod. I then got into a back and forth email convo with a support person at GB and I feel certain they had no idea what I was talking about and couldn’t understand it with multiple explanations. I think part of the disconnect is that the menu sounds you hear on the character select screen ONLY happen on PC. This isn’t a thing on console and I honestly think the person I was talking with probably has never played the game on PC.

To be fair it wasn’t the easiest thing to explain but if you had every played on PC with more than 1 character you would know EXACTLY what I was talking about. Instead, the person is just proceeding on with the troubleshooting script like a robot. Here is some of the exchange for the luls and frustration of it all:

Not sure if this is a bug or not but it apparently doesn’t happen on consoles (only PC). When at the character select screen if you mouse over existing characters you get a voice-over from Marcus describing each class (like when you create a character). When you have many characters the voice-overs start overlapping and is really obnoxious sounding as your mouse moves across multiple characters.

Thanks for reaching out to us!

I’m sorry to hear that Marcus’s Soothing Voice is overlapping whenever you place the mouse on different Vault Hunters. I understand how inconvenient this might be, so let’s see what we can do about it!

Sometimes these issues could be caused by some important data missing or causing conflicts, and these issues are generally resolved with some general troubleshooting steps. Please try them out:

Let’s begin with a quick cache clear .

Thanks for the reply. I don’t think the issue is the overlapping it’s the fact that he continues to talk about the VHs beyond the character creation. I don’t need to hear Marcus explain each VH that I already created every time the mouse moves over them. My understanding is that console doesn’t have this issue. It only plays the voiceover when creating a VH but doesn’t continue playing it forever after creation. Is this intended for him to talk every time you mouse over your existing VHs? I have multiple characters of each class so it’s quite annoying when scrolling through the list to hear the voiceover repeating the same thing over and over and over and clipping the previous ones all the while.

I completely understand your concerns and doubts regarding Marcus’ dialogue going over and over, even when at this point you might just know it from beginning to end. However, we’d like to ensure that the audio issues are not occurring due to any technical issues that could be easily fixed! Were you able to perform the troubleshooting steps we send over? If so, don’t hesitate to let us know the results!

No I didn’t perform the steps because I don’t care about the clipping. Even if that part was resolved it won’t matter to me. I just don’t want to hear it at all. So, if it’s intended that he keeps talking every time you mouse over an existing VH…my suggestion is to please fix that. If it’s not meant to be doing that then please fix it!

And here is where my ticket goes into the abyss…

Thanks for getting back to me! I completely understand where you’re coming from, and no need to worry! I will escalate your suggestions for Marcus voiceovers describing the Vault Hunters to the Dev team.

We genuinely appreciate our players’ feedback and suggestions for the game, and the developers are always eager to hear from our players, so I can assure you that I’ll be sending this off to them. Once I get this sent out, there likely won’t be a direct response from them so I won’t be able to provide you any updates on your feedback.

We’re reaching out to let you know that your request has been deemed solved.

We hope this means your issue has been resolved. If that’s not the case, please follow the link below to review, comment and reopen the request:



That’s basically what these guys do though - they vet the requests and take care of the low-hanging fruit (so actual tech support can focus on real issues, and devs only get legit game issues). Once it’s past tech support and in the devs’ queue, that’s it - we either see it as some future footnote in a patch/hotfix, or never?

If tech support is the right place to go for this, I’m pretty sure I can demonstrate it to them, but it’s not so much an issue of being able to do this as it is convincing them that it’s not just some nuisance to me, that a substantial enough number of people are down for this. It’s not broken, it’s just better if they change it.

edit - I’m literally choosing characters now:

Me: moves mouse
Marcus: “A mech, a mech, a robot, a sire, a robot, a covert op, a mech, a robot, a siren, a covert op…”


That might be true but does this happen on console or just PC? If it doesn’t happen on console that leans towards broken or maybe oversight? Maybe just a byproduct of the different interfaces and input devices. Not sure. I don’t play on console so not sure but based on a previous convo about this on the forums (IIRC) people were saying this wasn’t a thing on console.

God please don’t. It drives me up a wall. lmao. I literally hate the character select screen because of that for some reason. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to my brain. I can’t see how anyone at GB actually dealt with that or they would have changed it.

I definitely see it on PC. Anyone on console see this? Specifically, when moving the cursor over different characters on the menu here, Marcus will start a line for each, describing them. If you have a bunch of them and browse, Marcus will restart his voice line whenever a new character is highlighted (where I think the concensus here is that there shouldn’t be any Marcus dialog here at all; the voice lines are the same as for the new character selection).

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Here is the actual thread I started about this long ago that I was mentioning before and that prompted me to create the actual ticket that went nowhere. @VaultHunter101 is the one who actually said this wasn’t a thing on console so…

Finally another person of culture! I completely forgot these existed.

And I can confirm that Marcus spams on the character select screen on console too. Very annoying

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I do not mind it myself, but I support the idea. This reminded me Lilith’s scream when she goes to FFYL in BL1. Good times. :smiley:

Oh, and I forgot, Team Fortress 2 also has these “expressive” sound effect. Demoman’s “I am on faya” still crack me up.

I’m not sure if it’s nostalgia (have been playing this since release) or that they nailed it, but everyone’s callouts in TF2 are gold. The Spy’s lament when you hit him with Jarate, almost everything the Scout says, the heavy metal grumble the Pyro makes when playing the Homewrecker guitar, the Soldier when he’s on fire… even the theramin theme for Mann vs. Machine makes me laugh. That game is funny.

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It is the same on PS4

on a side note the tickets from support automatically close after a while it is normal … I think. Once the general public ticket is accepted, they create a bug report for the devs side, which public don’t have access to, but the initial ticket is closed. All the bugs I reported that were accepted followed the same pattern.

Agreed. Especially with the Marcus intro.
They should also mute Pippie, he makes the worst sounds in the game.

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Happens on Xbox also.

It happens on XBox too. GBX added this in with one of the patches - it wasn’t there at all at launch (only on PC was my understanding). I really wish they hadn’t. I mentioned it to the community manager at the time too as a retrograde step.

The people complaining that the VH’s pant too quickly should try running with a weapon and back pack filled with gear :joy::joy:

This sounds like it wasn’t intended, and one easy to slip through any gameplay testing. Like I’m down to throw this up in a ticket.

The reporting system has a form of sorts that seems to be focused more on, “something made the game unplayable for me” than general bug reports and quality-of-life suggestions, but if framed right, should still get into the developers’ queue in a constructive format.

Yeah, but they’re Vault Hunters! I’m just an old man who couldn’t run a mile if skags were chasing him, so I’d pant after 3 steps.
But Amara should be good for a marathon without breaking a sweat. Only one I give a pass to is Zane cuz he’s old like me :slight_smile:



Vault Hunters can:
-fall from any height without breaking a sweat or a knee or a leg.
-phaselock a planet.
-fly into a phaselocked planet and do something but unclear what to interrupt phaselocked planet

Vault Hunters can’t:
-run 10 feet without getting severely winded.


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See - it’s ALL about the action skill!

Oh man, I just hope Gearbox doesn’t listen to the vocal minority. You just love to complain about stuff as much as humanly possible, don’t you.

I like the panting, the VH feels more like a person and less like pixelated object. And I’m sure the neighbors find the panting 10x more intrusive than the shooting and the crying in agony when your VH is burning, which both are 10x louder. Ofc. But the panting is a problem.

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I’ve thought about this way too much, but the apparent one defining characteristic of a Vault Hunter is;
Someone who can one-hand punch a car hard enough to send it flying 10 feet to the side

since that’s a thing V.H.s can do in all versions of the game.
And without panting.