Seriously, Why Does MP Crash So Much?

Okay so, out of the 6 total games where i’ve played with more than 4 active players (mix of players and human), only one hasn’t eventually crashed. Is there any solution or common causes of crashing that I can address, or is the game just way too buggy for more then 4-6 active participants.

Homeworld 2’s engine was always dodgy, especially with its netcode. HWR is built on top of Homeworld 2’s engine. I’m afraid these are legacy problems.

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Try turning down the texture quality. The more races being used the more memory gets used for textures.

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If everyone sets their textures down to 2k, you’ll probably have a lot less crashes. The crash messages just dont say whats wrong.

Are you seeing crashes or desyncs? The difference is important in terms of understanding the issue. But indeed, playing MP games with a large number of different races can destroy RAM (GPU or otherwise).

Well, that’s a bummer. The PC gaming master race seems to have…disadvantages?


Not exactly, this is a problem that any system would have because of the sheer size of the textures they cram on all these ships xD

That awkward moment when your favourite game is too future proofed to play at full settings. sigh maybe in 5 years with some more money at hand.

(sorry for the Internet meme usage)

Just get one of dem fancy 8GB AMD cards xD

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