Seriously why even have zane

We need to talk about Zane.

over 10 class mods are completely useless by Mayhem 3.

The final useful one, makes him BARELY viable in Mayhem 7.

Even with ALL speed perks maxed, with all incredible weapons, he simply isn’t viable.

This is especially annoying considering 2 things.

  1. The shield offering bonuses, should offer them at full bonus when he’s moving too. The big dome sitting on the ground shouldn’t offer a better damage bonus.

Currently because of this mechanic, a Fl4k gains more benefit from my shield than Zane does.

Think about that.

  1. Damage perks.

These either aren’t working (which I highly suspect) or they’re nerfed right in to oblivion.

Zane has next to nothing for damage bonuses, despite the descriptors wild and unsubstantiated claims.

Lets talk about how ridiculously unbalanced this is.

We’re going to use OPQ System as the yardstick.

With maxed stats, my Zane can hit ABOUT 150k PER SHOT with it. Maybe more maybe less.


10 times that.


1.5million damage per shot.

Why exactly is Zane a character if you’re going to be so ridiculous…


What’s your Zane build? Zane gets a crap ton of additive damage, then you just need multipliers.


Mate, Zane is among the most powerful characters in the bloody game right now. I dunno if your gear is the thing holding you back or your build, but clearly you don’t seem to be using that character right.
If you want to see what Zane can do, check out ThiccFilA on Youtube, he’s specialized in Zane builds and gameplay.


Did you try to jump into high mayhem levels with the gear you had on mayhem 1.0? Because it’s either that or your build/load out needs work. I’m coping fine in M10. If you post your build and gear I can give advice


I’m still using an Executor and he’s perfectly playable on M3. The only reason I haven’t bothered going any higher is because this was my Mayhem setting pre-patch and I haven’t updated it since haha.

Does Zane have subpar COMs? Absolutely. But that’s not just a Zane problem.

Is he “barely” viable on M7 with what I’m guessing is Seein’ Dead? I’d imagine he’s very much bloomin’ viable. Reliant on Seein’ Dead perhaps (in that it’s his best COM), but I’m seeing what mileage I can get out of the Executor.


Maybe it’s because I have him equipped with a really good opq, but I’ve liked him best from day 1. Pre-ordered and used him first. Clone and drone build currently m7.

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Zane is my most powerful character he is a monster perfect defense and attack. Started and finished mayhem 10 with him, best choice ever. You should not have any issues if you are using meta.


I finish the cartel challenges at m10 using the old 57 gears on zane. He is that powerful

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I’ve noticed Fl4k can produce more damage, but he is pretty much a glass cannon.

Zane can cause constant, mid levels of damage at least yet has miles better survivability.

As for ‘that’ class mod, keeping your kill skills plus action skills up constantly? M10 is a cakewalk.


I can do that!

I would greatly appreciate advice, as I’ve been running a combo shield/chain zane at Mayhem 6 or so.

Maybe my tree is wrong? .

Can I see your build first? It will be less embarrassing for me lol

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Can you send pic of build you’re using?

What meta are you using?

Yeah I function about as well in M7 as I did in M4… maybe a little better.

Can I see build/weapons?

Can you explain further? That might be my answer

I appreciate that name drop. I’ll be checking it out right away man, thank you

seing dead barrier/drone sntl cryo weapons with maxed speed, violent momentum

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I’m not on borderlands atm but I can post up tomorrow. I run clone/drone though so depends if you want to change your playstyle, I’ve pretty much built around dps, kill skills and keeping my action skills up all the time, but to do that you need to go most of the way down blue tree. I’ll post some stuff up when I wake up.

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Yeah I’ve got people trying out differnt builds with the clone now too. I’ll be watching closely, because I haven’t watched anyone do better than M7 with him yet

You gain a lot of weapon damage with violent momentum, confident competence, donnybrook and synchronicity. You multipliers would be violent violence, playing dirty, barrier amp and trick of light.

Rest of the multipliers have to be on gear which are certain anoints, and secondary stats from class mods and artifacts. And -what many people underestimate- guardian ranks.

I’m running clone/drone. I took my M0 Lobs to cathedral of the twin gods M10 to farm M10 versions, and then got into the villa to get OPQS and yellowcakes. After that I got to traunt and katagawa and I was set. Since pandora is not in the loot the universe Event anymore, I would suggest trying to zerg down traunt on M10 and then go ham with the Kaoson.

I was using a build with barrier and drone I got from a streamer and I’m just not having fun with it. I know Zane can be powerful, because I used a clone and drone build earlier in the game and had fun with it.

Any recos for that type of build, drone/zone, would be great. I want to start up Mayhem with him. Thanks in advance for any help.