Serryul Killur CoV Assault Rifle testing

Says:: killing an enemy grants increased damage, fire rate, and reduces heat per shot. This effect stacks 3 times.

The increased damage is doubled for each stack. With 0 skill points spent, no other gear, and the annointment being +reload and handling/3 mags after exiting iron Bear, and all GR turned off…

2759 no stacks
5519 1 stacks
11k 2 stacks

All TVHM M4. Had difficulty getting what the last stack would be, but math wise, suggests 19-20k per shot.

Might actually be a useful COV gun. Anyone try testing it out?


I got one from a drop yesterday with a SNTL 100% cryo anoint (while playing Amara). Haven’t had a chance to test it on my Zane yet though.

I got it on my FL4K at level 56.
Was playing M3. It melted everything.
Has some neat effects while it is heating up as well.
Definitely my favorite CoV weapon right now.
And it starts dripping blood out the bottom before the heat up gets extreme.

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