Server Browser - Like Overwatch?

So the noob experience is this (at least for PC):

  • wait 20 mins in a queue for a team of 5
  • wait 5 more mins to find a game (not bad once you get 5, and why most people are in pre-mades)
  • get wrecked by all the other pre-mades because your team has lvl 5 noobs and the enemy is all lvl 100+
  • Loose 1-20 games in a row (you can tell by how salty the noobs are)

Somewhere through that sequence of the event, easily over 95% of noobs quit. The ones that do stay are the ones that usually friend the hell out of every lvl 100+ player, and get on pre-mades with them.

So why don’t we just have a server browser like Overwatch just implemented and throw away the queue system?

Here is a link to it:

The game already has private matches so they could just use how private matches are laid out but use the servers on a list for everyone to look for instead of having to wait forever in a queue with unbalanced teams.

I just played in a 10 man yesterday, and 2/3 games I played it came down to the final push on the sentry, and the 3rd one it was close too, but we had a better team comp.

With the low player-base most people know each other so the community can balance teams really well. While the low player-base and the number of pre-mades increasing every day, the queue system is really unbalanced, and matches take longer to find.

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