Server Browser: Save The PC Version!

Survey (PC players only plz):

A Server Browser would most likely work like most FPS F2P games where there are rooms where a host can change options and modes and rent Gearbox servers like it is now.

Why Add Server Browser?

  • Only 1 mode is alive w/ PC (I hear consoles don’t have this problem)
  • A Server Browser would make all modes alive (host controls the mode)
  • Not enough players to have quick and well balanced match-making
  • Chaos Rumble is making match-making even worse!
  • Better Balanced Pubs: Team-balance could be enabled to prevent 5 100 pre-mades on a team Vs. Pub
  • More Serious Games: Team-balance could be disabled so 5 100’s can play against another 5 100’s pre-made team

Conclusion: I feel that the low player-base on the PC and the match-making problems caused by it will cause a downward spiral in the PC player-base till this game is dead so please add a server browser and players who quit b/c of match-making problems will come back!

A server browser for PvE, sure (And we should be able to join during a mission too) that’d be awesome.

But for PvP, that might be a bit more complicated. That would mean no matchmaking, and peoples picking their teammates. But once we get Ranked, why not for Casual.
So maybe redo your survey? Ask if peoples want a Browser for PvP, PvE, or Both?

(Also, since when are Server browser are a F2P thing? Did i miss something?)

for PvP the teams could be scrambled if team-balance is on most likely w/ the ELO system left over from competitive match-making and would force a party of 5 100’s from pub-stombing so it would make more balanced matches on PC’s as the player-base is almost dead so match-making takes forever sometimes and doesn’t balance matches very well

Also I said Server browsers are a FPS F2P thing, at least on PCs ex: SF2, Dirty Bomb, Warface, Combat Arms, Cross Fire… I said like F2P b/c F2P games use servers hosted by the company to preserve the economy like how this game is.

I feel like you’re right about the PvE thing for consoles and PC’s especially b/c a host can just keep picking the next mission in the story line but I just want to focus on stopping PC’s PVP from going dead for now. Maybe I’d include that in another survey for another thread but probs not b/c I just use PvE for boss legendaries haha.

So now people browse games instead of auto joining? Wouldn’t that make the same process just longer and more tedious? Plus when the host changes stuff a good chunk of those remaining will leave anyway wouldn’t they? Just seems like it’s more of a shuffle of what is happening than really changing much. At face value and what I read that’s how I understand it. Could you elaborate?

Server browsers where a thing since competitive multiplayer was born on PC (Unreal, Quake, AoE) it have nothing to do with FPS or F2P.
It somewhat disappeared because… consoles joined the competitive fray? At least that’s when server browsers started to disappear. Which is absolutely annoying/terrible.
I don’t know why games nowadays don’t use server browsers and absolutely want to make Matchmaking (Who usually don’t work, or is completely unnecessary).

For Battleborn, PvP require matchmaking, it’s easier for matching peoples against peoples of equal (Or supposed) skills. Even more since you can’t drop-in drop-out like others multiplayer games (Red Orchestra 2)
If Battleborn had a Competitive PvP and a Casual PvP. The first one could have matchmaking (Like, right now), and the second could use a Server Browser, as it wouldn’t matter if peoples are matched equally.

But for PvE, Server browser would be way better than Matchmaking (Which is completely useless for this mode anyway) You’d be able to immediately see what map the host want to play, how many peoples are in, what difficulty, and if needed, you could make your own lobby with your own map and settings.
Why is this not a thing already, i don’t know. That, plus a drop-in drop-out feature for PvE would make playing PvE way more easy.

Considering you’d be able to instantly see a lobby, no, that would be a millions time faster than a matchmaking.
Also, the host could choose the map/mode and peoples would actually choose what lobby to join, instead of having to vote for it and be forced to play a map they might not want to be in.

I never had to wait to join a game in UT99… Because i was the one choosing where to go, and who to fight with, and on what map.

And they’ll go to another lobby, which others players will fill. So where is the problem?

Thank you for explaining further. I still see an issue with too many hosts and no games being full since there’s so many choices. In other games I’ve played like this many of my lobbies I joined/hosted never were actually full or not for long especially when settings were changed. Just my 2 cents is all.

Considering the playerbase left at PC, server browser would fail because people would leave if they couldnt join a stacked team, or if the host tried to rebalance the teams.

The minuscule playerbase left on PC is just concerned about pubstomping, and allergic to fair matches

And queue time.

And it’s already impossible to join a full team in PvE. Even 2 other players is a miracle.