**Server Connection Adress ASAP!**

I’m not sure if anyone else has the constant issue of disconnecting from the servers but even when your internet disconnects overall, one should still be able to reconnect to the game they were previously in. I am literally wasting so much time trying to get through a single mission it’s taking away from the gameplay to the point where I don’t even want to try to play this. I think something seriously needs to be done to address this issue. Just as in league of legends for example, if you drop connection YOU GO STRAIGHT BACK INTO THE MATCH. It doesn’t go “oh I’m sorry you lost connection that’s too bad.” Pleasseee gearbox / battleborn come up with an update or fix to this its brutal!!

It does prompt you to re-enter the mission. Not sure what it is you want. And no, disconnecting from the servers routinely is not typical.

I have lost connection several times during the past couple of weeks. It is frustrating because it leaves the rest of the team one man down while I reconnect and also because I lose a couple of minutes of game play each time. But once I’m reconnected the only option is dropping back into the ongoing match. We haven’t been able to find anything at our end that’s causing the connection issues so I’m hoping Gearbox can get it straightened out – but my complaint about the problem is the connectivity issue in and of itself.