Server Connections Post-Match During Loot Hunt

@MereAtGBX - servers are really laggy post-game. Second time I’ve finished a private match only to be told that the server history was unavailable. Then I saw I had something new so I popped into Command, but Nova was telling me off because she said she I couldn’t go there until level 3 (I’m max lavel). Then it all came back again.

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Same just happened to me on PS4

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In addition to @VaultHunter101 and @KainZilla:
“Unable to retrieve match history”-prompt has been the rule rather than the xception on PS for some weeks now.

However, match history eventually (re-)appears after a while …

Happened in all four story matches last night. The history did eventually pop in all four times, but it had me worried.

Also, apparently if you stay in Command after Nova’s told you you shouldn’t be there, she starts making grumpy noises at you. Pretty funny that the devs actually put that in the game.

If anyone is still having this issue, please submit a ticket to! Thank you!