Server Issues for anyone else?

Did anybody else get kicked out of a game and is now unable to reconnect? 10:20 pm in Hawaii on 12 May

Yup, saw a couple people drop from the game. Then I did, have yet to be able to reconnect. Probably just server issues. Also happened on ps4 for me.

Cant log in either. Thought it was psn.

Yep, just lagged through one game then got booted from another, now I’m getting the player initialisation failed message.

PS4 for me as well, though I just got reconnected. Really just hurt my feelings since I actually had an all Eldrid team with Boldur and was almost done with Saboteur finally.

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time to sleep then i guess :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Same PSN-related issue here on Iceland (where time is 10.30 a m on Friday, May 13, 2016 atm)

Hopefully this is an upgrade.

I don’t know if it’s the Battleborn servers or PSN though, when I go to view my friend list it loads really slowly.

Appears to have cleared up.

Still down in Chicago. " Unable to create loby".

is working for me now :kissing: i think it was PSN i had 6 friends online and none were on when i logged back in,

Scratch that, just went down again.

Yep, PSN error. Thanks Sony!

Still ill here, half an hour later.

I’m having the same “player initialisation failed” issue when attempting connection via Steam. Any idea on what is the problem and what to do to solve it?