Server issues NA, constant disconnects console

ive been trying to find a game for the past 30 minutes. Ive had the game cancel from a lack of players several times. It would reach the screen where everyone would choose their character and then about 50 seconds in you realise it doesnt take that long, and when you check the score board and team roster, you realize there has been several disconnects on the opposing side. I guess a plus side is that i never have to requeue after the hot fix, it just keeps the same people together. Thats concerning though because im with 4 other people. Youre telling me there isnt 5 other players somewhere out there in the world looking to play?

I have had this several times as well. We even had 4 disconnects in a row. We were jokingly saying if it happens 5 times in a row you should get the title “Forever Alone”.


Because we highly enjoy this game and while pc community may have taken a hit, I’ve had zero issues with matchmaking times or a lack of a community on ps4. Why are you here chastising them on the Battleborn forums?


Because I can. I don’t buy you have no issues with disconnects on console. I had issues for a straight week before I finally gave up. Sorry if what I said is not what you want to hear, but maybe you are in a bit of denial. I have just as much right to express my displeasure with the game as you do to express your pleasure. That’s what a forum is for. I stick to my words. The game is a total disappointment to me. Defending the game isn’t helping address the issues…it’s enabling the developers to sit on their hands longer without fixing anything.

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The developers aren’t sitting on their hands doing nothing. They’re very aware, as they’ve said on multiple occasions, of all the issues people are having and they’re working on it. Each week they release fixes and once a month they do a big patch. Why don’t you believe me? I’m not the only who has said it. The longest I’ve had to wait for a match was a few minutes, most being around a minute. I have seen people disconnect probably 1/4 matches. Depends on the day. I’m not defending this game senselessly. I know it’s having issues, but I’ve rarely had them. I honestly enjoy this game. I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience, but I still don’t understand why you’re here chastising other people for enjoying this game? Yes, feel free to express your discontent. But why try and make other people feel the way you do if they are happy with the game? Also be constructive with your discontent. Be specific as to what exactly were your problems and how you think it could be better so gbx is aware and can try to make it better for you. Saying you had a bad time so gbx sucks and everyone else should agree isn’t constructive.

Haha dude your funny i am on Xbox. And I run a pre made 5 man team and thats why they disconnect. And the game is awesome and the people I meet are awesome and i know there are issues and i will have my say about that but in this case it’s purely on the fear of people not wanting to face a 5 man. Thats why they disconnect nothing else

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How is no disconnects on console hard to believe? XB1 here, Ive had no issues finding a match nor having players disconnect; Only rage quitters, lol. Sorry youre having trouble, Im having a blast!

You do have the right to express yourself, but open insults and such are clearly not welcome here. Stating your opinion and giving feedback are welcome, but consider your tone, quit on the insults and stay respectfull if you want to post in this forum.

Please read the Foum Rules again

Also, for a full list of fixes & patches and what the Devs did over the last months check this amazing topic

If you could sir, please just ban me from these forums. It’s pretty obvious to me what I consider an open insult and what you consider an open insult are 2 different things. It’s also my OPINION that anyone unhappy with the game and it’s sorry state are not welcome, rather their opinions are not welcome. The sorry state this game was released in is inexcuseable, hence why there are so many needed hot fixes and patches. Anyway, just ban my account permanently. Solves both our problems. Thanks.