Server keeps kicking me saying I'm not connected to Xbox live

Is any1 else on Xbox getting booted from battle born.
So your awar I have my Ethernet plugged into my Xbox and I am running 100 Mbps down. And my internet is running fine
So seriously any 1 else having an issue arm?

yeah im getting it to but not very often

Same thing happens to me on ps4, not sure how to fix it so I turn it off for a few hours

If you’re not experiencing NAT issues (check your NAT type in your Xbox Network settings or the main Menu Screen of the game, it should be either ‘Moderate’ or ‘Open’), this might just be login troubles with Xbox Live, not the game itself. Those happened a lot to me on Xbox360, not so much on the Xbox One so far.

I use a cable and was getting this a lot ended up just having to get a new Ethernet cable and it fixed it

I had the same problem until i signed out went into my Microsoft account and turns out i had to update my password, came back and everything started working smoothly again. try that. Hope your problem gets resolved.